Hi! My name is Sheryl. I am a mummy blogger from Perth, Western Australia.

This blog was initially established as a makeup blog but times have changed, pregnancy and kids came along and makeup is no longer something I am solely interested in. So, I've decided to change the feel and theme of this blog space to be a little bit of makeup there, lifestyle here, travel there and some funny bits about parenting.

If you've been a long time reader/follower of this blog, I thank you!

Wishing you and me more blogging days together!


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  1. Hi Sheryl,

    My name is Joy, I'm also Filipino and from Silicon Valley, CA. I read your March post and my heart goes out to you, Thomas and your family. I'm a cancer survivor and my mom was my sole care giver. I can imagine how you must feel. Just know I will keep you and Thomas in my prayers.

    Big hug.



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