04 November 2016

Another review for you because I am feeling such a good blogger these past few days. Teeeheee

This time, it's all about the wonderful Eve Lom!
This brand was first known to my knowledge about two years ago. As a skincare enthusiast (if I may call myself that, thank you very much), I've always wanted to try some splurgy items here and there and hope that the product lives to its hype. It's not good for my bank but it's good for my face if it does work out. This is one of them products.

In a nutshell, I love everything in this starter kit.

What's in the kit? Let's discuss:

1) The Rescue Mask. insert praising hands emoticons here. This mask is divine! I am not much of a mask person but this converted me. It's almost clay-like that you leave on your skin 15-20minutes or until it dries up and starts to crack. I imagine this to be used the night before a big event for that ultimate skin prep you need/want. I also imagine this to be used after a long hard day, while in the tub soaking, wine on one hand, book on the other and this mask on your face.

It just leaves your skin looking fresh, brighter, healthier, all the good stuff. They also recommend using it under the eyes diluted with a little bit of water, leave on for 5 minutes to take the "tiredness" away. How good is that?

2) Cleanser. Let me insert a photo of the product.

As you can see on the photo, it looks like it's a gritty kind of exfoliator/cleanser, but in reality it's not. The beads are these soft lumps and non-abrasive. You apply this on your dry skin (with or without makeup), massage it all over and let it sink for 2mins or so then rinse off using the muslin cloth wet with warm water to open up the pores. Then finish if off by cold water to close your pores. 

Again this is amazing! It's a little expensive to be just your makeup remover/cleanser but boy oh boy, this shizz takes everything off your face ever so gently without leaving your skin dry.

3) Morning Time Cleanser. As the name suggests, you use this in the morning. This baby is just as amazing as the cleanser. The product is almost the same sans the soft beads. Like the cleanser, you apply this on dry skin, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse off using the muslin cloth wet in warm water then finish off with cold water. 

I do use facial oils every night and this baby is great in taking all that oily film leftover on my skin the morning after. There is some brightening (or perhaps calming) effect on my skin whenever I use this. It's possible that it's the deep cleansing abilities and you're just left with really (really) clean skin.

4) Kiss Mix. This lip treatment is minty (cooling), super hydrating that kept my lips looking and feeling plumped and lipstick-ready. I use it at night and wake up with a luscious lips (not as luscious as the Jenners) but it's luscious in all its intents and purposes.

5) Muslin cloth. Well, it's a muslin cloth. I haven't used mine because it's so clean, white and fresh. I just can't bring myself to using it. I have an existing cloth I got when I was using Ren masks so that's what I've been what I am using. 

I do love muslin cloth when cleansing but it's a personal choice. I've used a Clarisonic, a face towel, muslin cloths or nothing at all and it all did the job.


The cleansers have this unique scent. It smells like it's trying to smell citrusy but just failed? It's not bad but it's not something you'd expect for an expensive brand. Needless to say, the scent is not a deal breaker. If you've used Ren Glycolic Mask then they have that the same scent.

Would I recommend it?

If you have the money to spend then absolutely YES! 
It's a beautiful brand. It's effective and it's the ultimate "self-care" package you can give yourself if you're into that kind of thing. I am.

If I knew this brand before I got married then I would have used this 3 months leading to my wedding because it will just bring your skin to another level of healthiness. 

EDIT: These cleansers are like solid oils. It looks creamy but once applied on skin it changes to oil which is why it's so good in cleaning your skin. The beauty in the cleansers is that it doesn't leave any oily residue on skin unlike other "oil" based cleansers I've used which is why this is a divine cleanser.

If you are on a budget, then there are other brands that will be just as effective as this. It won't be comparable but still effective. It just depend on what you need vs want for your skin.

If you find a set like this floating around again, then grab one because it's a good way of testing out the product without having to fork out lots of $$$$. 

Will I repurchase any of the items?

If budget is no question then I would get the cleansers and the mask again and possibly add a serum and an eye cream to try.

Since budget is always in question, I would probably repurchase The Morning Cleanser if I am feeling splurgy.

I would also consider adding the Rescue Mask in a wishlist of some sort (ie, birthdays, christmas, mother's day kind) that way it's not coming out of my budget. LOL.

You can get some good quality oil based cleansers in the market for fraction of a price so this brand is not really one of a kind. BUT I can honestly say that it's one of the best cleansers I've ever tried.Ever.

Hope you like this post! It's my honest review based on my experience in using the products.

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!



  1. That cleanser sounds amazing!!!

    SSG xxx

    1. Yes it is! i forgot to add and I've edited the post already, but the cleansers are like solid oil. It looks creamy from the tub/tube but once applied on the skin it turns into oil. The little beads beads are like oil packets that's why it's so good in taking off makeup!

      Highly recommend it! The more i use it, the more i'm convinced i need it in my life forever HAHAHAHA

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