29 October 2016

A review post I couldn't wait to publish. My friends, I present to you RevlonxChloeMorello Sculpt + Highlight kit. 

Let's just get straight to my verdict, this product is OK.

I went to 2 different Priceline stores to hunt this down. One has an apology note saying they don't have it the other is fully stocked up.

I went for Medium/Tan kit, obviously, and got a free sculpting brush (winning!).

As I mentioned earlier, this product is OK. I don't hate nor dislike it, it simply is ok, so let's discuss:

1) Medium/Tan kit is the darkest shade which is sad because I feel for my caramel to deep skin toned sisters who might want to try this kit.

2) The contour shade is just a smidge darker than my skin so it doesn't really show up that much on my skin, however, I don't mind it because I am not much of a big contour kind of person. I like the subtle definition that it gives. I think anything darker will send me worrying if I've overdone it each time I use it. Less is more.

3) The bronzer shade is my actual shade so it doesn't really add any warmth. I used this all over my face today and it set my foundation (surprisingly) well. So I think I'll be using this more like a setting powder than a bronzer. 

4) The banana powder is good in setting my under eye concealer. I much prefer this than my Australis Banana powder if I am being honest. There's something about it that doesn't alter the shade of my concealer.

5) The best part is the highlight. This is a very beautiful highlight. It gives me a more "natural" glow, if you consider highlights natural. No signs of glitters or anything obnoxious which is my preference when it comes to highlighters. It's my favourite in the whole kit. If they package this highlight on its own then I am totally buying them! Hopefully Revlon team is reading this. LOL.

6) The size of the kit is good, perfect for travel if you must, very compact. It has a good size mirror too.

7) The sculpting brush is not that bad. It's not as sturdy as I hoped it was for a more controlled application but it does apply the product OK on your face.

8) If there's one thing I'd like to point out, aside from the lack of colour option for our deeper skin toned sisters, is that the kit is very powdery. It's not a deal breaker for me as powdery means you can move the product around your face easily, but it is for other makeup enthusiasts. It can be borderline messy (or chalky) on the pan.

As you can see, the highlight is divine! It's both on my cheeks and eyes. I used the bronzer to set my foundation, the contour on my eye crease and also just under my cheek bones. And the banana powder just under my eyes to set the concealer.

All in all, I give this kit 3 out of 5.
The powdery aspect is acceptable for my standards for a face product. I get enough product on my brush without having to swirl around the pan like a maniac.

It's not the best sculpt + contour kit out there but it's the not the worst either. 

This is actually going in my makeup bag (hospital edition) because it will make things simple for me.

Would I recommend it?

If you're the same skin tone as I am or darker then perhaps no. I think you can give this a miss.

You will have to come see it in person and swatch it before buying it, that's for sure. The shades are beautiful but if you're not a fan of powdery formula then I'd say give this a miss as well.

I do like the kit and I can find means of using it but it's not something I would consider repurchasing in the future, unless they packaged the highlight on its own. Note to Revlon, wink!


Chloe Morello is probably one of my girl crushes in the YT Beauty Community. I mean she's hot, funny and just gorgeous with or without makeup. Anything she recommends is added to my very long list of makeup products to try/buy. And Revlon is a brand I have been using for years so this collaboration is a no brainer for me, I had to get it.

Please note this is my honest opinion about the product and everything is based on my experience in using it.

Hope you had a lovely day today!

Speak to you soon xx


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