20 October 2016

I am your typical beauty/makeup blogger.  I am a sheep, I follow. I used to find myself bee-lining at a makeup counter to check what's hot and buys it on whim. I used to have strong FOMO feels back in the day for anything limited edition and love for any drugstore brands, that I didn't have until concealers became a staple.

Going through my entire stash, I came to realise that Maybelline is my go-to brand for all things concealers.

It all started with Age Rewind concealer and then the rest, as they say, is history.

I have different favourites for different reasons/needs. As you do. 

Note: All the concealers I get from Maybelline are in Medium spectrum and depending on the kind, the undertones varies.

Currently, my heart is on Master Conceal. That stuff is amazing  especially on my under eyes and it's perfect for the "no-makeup" look.

1) It's opaque,
2) Neutralises dark circles
3) Blends like a dream and it doesn't cake!
4) Sets nicely on its own or with a loose powder.
5) (insert praising hands emoticon here)

And in no specific order, here are my other favourites and the reasons why I love them:

Age Rewind - hands down, this is my dark circles worst nightmare.
FitMe - very natural, light weight and it brightens your eye without looking overly done.
Dream Lumi - this highlights and correct all the same, at least for me. I use this when I need a little pick me up after a sleepless night or when I am doing a full glam makeup (my version of glam at least).

None of the Maybelline concealers cake on me and I think that's why it's dear to my heart. I would repurchase them over and over until they decide to discontinue it. I think for a fraction of a price (especially when they are on sale), it's a good bargain for the quality you're getting.

I do have some high-end favourites but my love and feels are all for Maybelline when it comes to concealers.

What's your favourite concealer brand from the drugstore?

I like this kind of post, a one brand feature, because I know you all understand what loyalty means to a brand especially when you're a makeup enthusiast.

Hope you're having a fabulous day!!

Speak Soon xx


  1. Wow Maybelline is winning! Everyone seems to love the Age Rewind Concealer. I've been meaning to pick it up for ages, I've got the most atrocious dark circles under my eyes!

    Kez |

    1. you have to get it and try it!! it's the only concealer that has been so good to me when it comes to dark circles :)
      how's the ring light going? i wish i bought it you know HAHAHAHAHA

  2. I'll definitely have to grab one next time I "quickly" duck into Priceline!! Hahah! To be honest I haven't actually used the ring light much yet, I think I would be far to self conscious to use it out and about, basically anywhere it would be useful lol!

    Kez |

  3. Sorry to hear your story... We lost our "rainbow" baby 6 1/2 years ago. We only had our boy and girl for parts of three days before Aiden died. His sister was 3 1/2. All she wanted to do was hold him, which she was able to do. My most appreciated pictures of us is her holding him and her helping me carry his casket. Enough said. Give yourselves the time you need once it is over and cling onto the memories. The little one is going to teach you so much in his short life... trust me. We send our hugs... you need them!

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