15 September 2016

I have a confession to make, I love everything about this collection. I just do.
What's not to love?

Rose Gold packaging. check!
Creamy Formula. check!
Affordable price. check!
Colour Selection. check, check!

I had my eye on all the nudes shades and even made a silly promise to myself that I, Sheryl, will never buy any more nude lipsticks after this collection. ever.

Trekked to Priceline upon seeing an Instragram post about it.
Got excited that it wasn't sold out yet.
Picked up two nude shades thinking I only really need 2!
Went home contemplating if a red shade is a must.
Spent hours on YouTube looking lip swatches on medium-deep skintone ladies. (nothing)
Decided that red is a must.
Planned my next Priceline outing which was the next day obviously
Went straight to pickup one red shade with not much deliberation (with myself)
Declared myself  "a content and happy woman"

I wanted all the shades but I just couldn't justify the "need". I have to be an adult about this.
So I got the shades:

1. "My Nude" which is a pinky-nude and currently my favourite, It just compliments my skintone and makes my makeup look fresh, simple and effortless.
2. "Boho-Nude"which is a beige-nude. I describe this as sultry and sexy without looking dead and washed out. If I really wanted to pull a J Lo look, this is the shade.
3. "Idol red" which is a warm/orange-red. It instantly warms up your face making you look like a million dollars.

The formula of these lipsticks is just amazing. It wears comfortably on the lips even the darker/brighter shades and the bubblegum scent is just a treat. It's also hella pigmented.

I think for the price and quality, this is an awesome bargain. I highly recommend them especially if you want timeless colours in your collection/stash.

This kind of collection proves the drugstore brands are really raising their game and that you don't need to fork out $$$ to get a decent nude or red lipstick. This gets all my votes.

Have you tried these lipsticks?

Speak soon xx


  1. Haha, this is exactly how I feel when I buy lipsticks! I have no need for most of them and the colours are the same as the other 50 I have at home! :) I really like the Boho Nude in this range though, I think it looks really nice on you!

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. THank you! I love the nudes in this range better than any other nudes in their other collection. :)

  2. How incredible are these!!!

    I bought the 3 bright shades and I adore them. The shades look stunning on you. x

    1. Thank you hun! i can imagine all the shades will look good on you too! it's just one of those classic shades that will never go out of style :)


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