02 September 2016

I am doing the 52 weeks gratitude journal challenge and religiously update it weekly, adding some highlights of the week for some personal touch. One of the week's topic was about Something you look forward to and with no doubt I put, My daily morning makeup routine. Totes legit.

Some people look forward to that Konga class on Monday nights or that glass of wine after all the kids are in bed or that cake on cheat day or that cold beer after a long week's work. Me? I look forward to my morning makeup routine

1. I wake up half an hour before everyone in my household
2. Browse Instagram for inspirations (them Socials I tell you)
3. Finally get up and gather all my makeup bits and bobs, usually contemplating if I should change it up a bit because another beauty blogger sported a silver eyeshadow and it looks "natural"
4. Browse through my stash looking for "that" item that I think will change my look for the day
5. It's normally a lipstick or a single pot eyeshadow (maybe a silver one)
6. Start piling the usual makeup shiz 
7. Attempt some sort of contouring and highlighting
8. Decides it's too defined for a work day so blend, blend, blend
9. I try to Snapchat or Instagram Story the makeup look but decided I look too puffy 
10. Decide what to wear while thinking what lipstick to use
11. Find the outfit and checked if it matches the look, if not, look for another outfit.
12. Finish the whole makeup with my favourite setting spray sans any lip product
13. Remain undecided in the lipstick area. Most likely end up with a nude lip but will deal with that later when in the car.
14. Declares self ready for the day and wakes up the toddler if he's not awake yet.

Before babies, my makeup obsession was unstoppable (borderline out of control). I found something so fun and exciting that I can put my time and $$$ in without feeling guilty. People were going out and partying while I sat in my PJs and played with my makeup and started a makeup blog. Blushes won over wine.

When I become a mummy, the changes in my lifestyle and body were significant. Time was precious and very limited. Mornings were hectic and suddenly there was no such thing as "mummy me-time" anymoreEveryone said to me, the first few weeks (or even year) of parenthood will change you, sometimes losing yourself in the process. I wasn't an exception. I forgot how to make time for myself. I missed me. 

That's when I started taking half an hour to myself when I can, usually in the mornings and just put whatever makeup on, a BB cream and lipgloss and immediately felt better.  Then it progressed to adding mascara and blush, and before I knew it, a (mummy-friendly) makeup routine has been established.

My working days came back and I found myself committing to a more solid makeup routine aka full face makeup to look more put together. My job requires me to be in meetings and presentations so really I just found an excuse to apply/buy more makeup.

My go-to makeup looks are more subdued and mummy-appropriate, borderline predictable. Neutral shades of golds and browns with the occasional blushed/berry shades create my signature look. Gone are the days when I would sport a bright blue and silver smokey eye to work (#majorcringe) and no it wasn't sport your best 80s look day at work, it was 2008 and a new MAC mineralised eyeshadow duo just came out. Let's not even discuss the day when I sported a bright yellow and black smokey look. #doublecringe

Makeup is my way of self-love. And you have to love yourself first before you can love others.

What do you look forward to?
Do you keep a gratitude journal?
What do you do for your self-love?

Hope everyone is ready for the (Aussie) Father's Day weekend! 

Speak to you soon!



  1. Great post! I like having things to look forward to each day. A square of chocolate, 45 minutes to work out, my make up on work days, the one day of the week on Tuesday where I'm all alone for the day, blogging.

    You just made me realize all the good things in my life. Gonna turn my frown upside down!

    Have a great weekend!

    SSG xxx

    1. it's sad sometimes when we forget the small things, usually good things about our lives because we get caught up to what's making us sad. This is the main reason why i took the gratitude journal challenge :)

      i love my makeup routine on work days too! and only a block of chocolate? i admire your self control!

      have a great weekend!!! xxx

  2. Gratitude journals are fantastic! They are a wonderful way of keeping track of those little things that make you smile! I'm no mummy, but I also love my morning makeup routine, I love wearing makeup for me, it gives me the self confidence boost I sometimes need and really helps me feel ready to face the day!

    Kez |

    1. this is me.. it's more like my way of looking after myself to be honest and feeling "put together".
      I can wait to read the book at the end of the year and reflect :) xx

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