05 August 2016

Ladies (and Gents), I bought new makeup! Yay!

I haven't bought makeup in a long time. Months even! Don't be proud of me yet because I did some shopping and I did it quite well. Blame my birthday and second trimester.

Morning sickness, exhaustion and dry skin are some of the reasons why I haven't been interested in makeup. Ignore the fact that I have a lot in my stash already that I should be using up. The thrill of searching what's new or hot was just not there. Nada. To be honest, in the last few months, I rarely put mascara on, let alone my eyebrows! It was madness.

Fast forward to Second trimester where I am feeling much more human with clearer skin and back to myself (slightly), I decided to re-visit my makeup stash and re-assess what needs to stay and what needs to go (or given to family). Edit: Nothing was given away nor thrown in the bin. FML. I just can't. yet.

Instead, I bought new products. Some are total necessities (promise) and the others are questionable (yet totally needed in my life). Let's start!

First up, Skincare! (Necessities)

Priceline had their 40% skincare sale on. It was perfect timing because I was literally scraping the last bits of my moisturise from the container.

I repurchased Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream with SPF 15. This is an amazing moisturiser. I used it in previous pregnancies and helped my hormonal skin look healthy and beautiful. This cream is not greasy and it's perfect base for makeup as it doesn't move a lot. The scent needs getting used to if you're not into spa-like scents. The tube packaging is amazing and much preferred than the usual pot. I opted for the one with SPF this time because let's face it, piling shiz on my face is a thing of the past. At least for now.

Next is, the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream! This has been in my "to buy" list for-evah. It has the Harper Bazaar Beauty award plastered on the box screaming Take me home mummy. It has carrot seed oil, aloe gel and 100% pure avocado oil. It also promotes collagen stimulation under the eye. I need it.

So far this eye cream is beautiful and cooling in the eye. My under eye concealer also sits perfectly over it with no signs of dryness. I bloody hate creasing and dryness under the eyes.

Next up, Brow Pencil!

My trusty old Maybelline Brow pencil couldn't be sharpened anymore so this purchase happened.

I visited my local Benefit counter and found myself thinking Shut up and take my money already! Their brow range is something you would spend your winnings, savings, tax refund, you name it.

There are 4 brow products in offer and I settled for the Goof Proof Brow Pencil because you know, adulting. I needed to be reasonable and reasons I have.

If you're a brow person like me then you need this in your life. I won't even try to convince you  with beautiful words like best brow pencil or no sharpening required or it doesn't budge all day or the colour selection is amazing! You just need to head to your local Benefit counter and offer all the money you have and buy them all.

Next up, Banana powder! (insert all hail-thee equivalent emoticons)

Ignore the grubby RealTechniques brush, but let's all focus on the beautiful yellow banana powder. This powder is amazing. I guess if you've been a banana powder enthusiast then I don't need to convince you. I didn't know such power a yellow powder has until I got this, especially under the eyes in setting your concealer. It's a game changer for sure. I look awake and refreshed sans looking like an overly-highlighted-kardashian. Yay for Australis Cosmetics!

Next up, my HOLY GRAIL Nude Lipstick! (Promise, cross my heart)

Meet Maybelline's Colour Drama Lipstick in Nude Perfection. The product lives up to its name, it is perfection. I used to call this Velvet Lip pencil for some reason but it's Colour Drama.

It's one of the creamiest lip product known to my lips. It's cheap and accessible almost everywhere. The colour is to die-for. I mean nude-beige with a hint of peach is just what my face needs to look polished without trying too hard. The lip product is so beautiful and the colour is perfect match to my lips, I ignored the fact that you need to sharpen it. It's that good.

Now this next 2 items are all part of a goodie bag I've received many months ago from BloggersUnitedAU event and I've finally busted it open. Meet Flirt and 3D Mascara

This mascara is average. It's not bad but it's not holy guacamole either. What I like about it is it separates the lashes beautifully and no panda eyes throughout the day.

This Liquid lipstick is AMAZING! The colour is beautiful and the formula is great. The shade is called Flirt and it's a beautiful dusty pink that will look good on any skintone. The only thing I am not a fan of is the scent but I blame my pregnant nose.

Note: let's just admire my hair in the last photo. I think I will be forever BRONDE.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I know makeup posts is a rarity in this blog these days so hoooray for me! hahahaha

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I adore those Colour Drama lip pencils, they are perfection! I have a few shades now, including nude perfection.

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    1. How good are they?! I am so tempted of getting more shades hahahaha

    2. Definitely recommend!So far my favourite shades are Nude Perfection, Minimalist, Berry Much and Red Essential, so good!

      Kez | acaciasdreams.com

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