25 August 2016

This post is all about my love for QV Skincare. Lots of it.
I was first introduced to this brand when I was pregnant with my first son. I was diagnosed with Atopic Eruption of Pregnancy which really means Eczema while pregnant. I was told to use QV skincare just to help my skin stay hydrated and moisturised. It bloody did!

My son was then diagnosed with mild case eczema and his skin gets so dry and easily irritated from other baby products, so I switched to QV for him. His skin is much more hydrated now and we rarely have bad flare ups. We do get months when we needed proper eczema creams but we just continue using QV all throughout the year.

I can honestly say that it has helped calm his skin during flare ups and now it's a rare occasion. Thank God!

Now that I am pregnant again, Atopic Eruption of Pregnancy aka eczema while pregnant and its ugly face is back. It's less severe this time compared to last, perhaps I am more prepared this time and got my QV on from the early get go or it is just a milder case. Regardless, my skin has been happy thanks to this beautiful range.

Currently, my favourite is the Intensive Moisturising Cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling soft after a nice shower. It also makes applying the QV Skin lotion such a treat. Edit: I do use this on my face too especially on the no makeup days when I don't need to remove all the shizz I applied in the morning.

They have the normal Wash and also Gentle Wash for the more sensitive skin. The latter is what my son uses.

The Skin Lotion is one of my all time favourites. I have a big pump bottle of this one and travel sizes for when we go on our trips.

This lotion makes my skin look so healthy and nourished especially now with the pregnancy eczema. I apply it night after my shower and wake up with smooth, almost baby-skin like skin.

The Cream is my go to on really dry areas like hands (after washing and cleaning the kitchen), elbows, knees, ankles and sometimes feet. It's richer and thicker but not sticky on the skin.

That's one of my favourite thing about this cream and skin lotion, both are not sticky tacky when applied so I don't feel grossed out.

Now, on to the Face range.

This has got me excited when I received the package. I still use the Elucent Skin care (Anti-Ageing) Night Cream which is part of the QV family and I have been loving the Oil Free Moisturiser with Matte Finish as my day cream. I alternate it with another moisturiser from Trilogy which is also has a matte finish and very gentle on the skin.

The face moisturiser is a treat to use. It doesn't really keep my skin matte all day but it does for a few a hours after I've applied my makeup on and it sits well with all the products slapped on my face.

The oil free face moisturiser doesn't have any SPF so plan ahead if you'll be in the sun for longer when you use it and make sure you apply sunscreen. There is a day moisturiser with SPF 30 which will be suitable in the warmer months - QV Moisturising Day Cream

Edit: I am yet to try the mask and rescue gel but I will keep you posted on that one.


I find this entire range to be simple yet very effective. There is no fragrance or fancy ingredients. It promises healthy and hydrated skin and it delivers. I love that it caters for my entire family's needs too.

I do use my special occasion body products here and there but the majority of the time, this has been everything that my skin needs.

If you're looking for a simple, no-nonsense skin care for your skin (whether dry, normal, sensitive, with eczema or not), then try this range.

Hope you are all well!

Speak to you soon xx

ps. these products were sent to me by QV Skincare PR team. Thank you!


  1. I love the QV wash! I had eczema on my hand, but cutting out ordinary soaps and replacing them with QV wash means that I have been free from eczema for almost 6 months now! It is the best!

    Kez |

    1. how good are they?! I seriously didn't think simple skincare like this will work wonders. Less fancy packaging but more effective product inside. I have some eczema on my hands too this time around (pregnancy related booo!).

      hope you're having a wonderful day xx


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