22 August 2016

I did some shopping during the weekend when Priceline started their 50% off sale to all things Maybelline, and here's what I got!
So, I have this Maybelline list that is starting to get dusty in my drawer. I add more things to it as I watch more videos on YT but it never really left the list until last Friday when I welcomed five new babies in the family.

Priceline sales are the best.

I've been using these products ever since so I have a good amount of first impressions stories to share with you.

Let's start with Master Conceal (Medium) and Baby Lips Pore Eraser

Master Conceal (Medium) - this stuff is amazing! It's easy to blend and covers pretty much whatever you want to cover.  It sits well on my under eye and on top of my eye cream. No creasing.  For a drugstore brand and price tag, it's a great buy!

Baby Lips Pore Eraser - I am one of the naughty makeup enthusiasts who doesn't use a primer all the time. I used to in my early makeup years but when life started getting busier, I slowly dropped steps here and there to save time. My advice, don't skip primers.

This product is good. It's not amazeballs. It does what it's meant to do, minimise pores for a smoother base, and it sits well on my skin. But I wouldn't just use this on its own if you have other concerns like oily T-zone or very dry skin.

I am currently using Rimmel Stay Matte primer as well in conjunction with this pore eraser. I find that pore eraser on it's on is not enough to keep my oils at bay. I would probably repurchase this unless I decided to get Benefit's Porefessional in the future.

Next up, Blushed Nudes palette

Believe it or not, I don't own a palette with rosy or berry shades. (Apparently) This is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which I don't own so I can't really vouch for it.

What I know is this palette is good. It's nice to have it in your stash just to have something different other than your usual beige-brown nudes. The shadows are not all pigmented and some are smoother and more buttery than the others.

They are easy to blend and the colours are beautiful in person. My favourites are the light silver shade (third from the left, top row), light pink and cool tone brown (last 2 shades, top row), and all of the bottom row shadows especially the rose gold (first one left, bottom row), and the cranberry shade (second shade from the left, bottom row).

This is a perfect gift for someone who is starting with makeup and doesn't want to forkout $$$ in places like Mecca or Sephora.

Next up, Master Contour (Medium to Dark)

O.M.G., this cheek palette is ah-ma-zing! I do own the Urban Decay Naked Flush blush palette and while the concept is the same, this little gem of a palette is much more pigmented.

The Contour shade is so pigmented, you gotta start with less and build it up. I went nuts when I first tried it on and it was hot mess, but once blended then it looks natural.

The Blush shade is Nars Orgasm's step-sister sans the gold specks. It's also much more pigmented, so start with little amounts and then build it up.

The Highlight shade is the perfect champagne shade for medium to deep skin tone. It's silky and it creates the most natural looking highlight. It's a great eyeshadow on its own too.

And finally, saving the best for last, the Better Skin Foundation (Sun Beige)

I watched dozens of videos about this product trying to figure out what's the best shade for me and what does everybody think about it. I do love Maybelline foundations and I have tried the FitMe range in both Matte and Dewy formulas and the Super Stay 24h and all three were love love love.

The colour range we have here in 'Straya is poor. This is the darkest shade we have and luckily it matches my skin so well (for now). I feel that this is going to be too light in the summer time but for now, this is working.

I can honestly say that this is similar to my all-time favourite drugstore foundation from Covergirl, the Outlast 2-in-1 Stay Fabulous foundation. I've gone 3 bottles of that baby so I am quite pleased to have another brand to fall back to if that foundation gets discontinued. The horror though, can you imagine? #firstworldproblems.

It has a gel consistency and it applies so well. It sets almost matte and I don't usually powder it unless I need to. I try not too as it becomes too ashy on my with my powders.

You can definitely layer it but personally, I only apply one layer and it's enough for a medium coverage. 

I am pleasantly surprised by this foundation and much prefer it than my Milani foundation. I almost returned it thinking it's crap and thank goodness I kept it. The whole "but it's 50% off" justification made it all easy. 

I definitely recommend it. It lasts all day on my skin without budging or sliding off my face. It is a good foundation and for a busy mummy like me, the last thing I do is touch-ups. You don't need any for this foundation. I do hope this works too in the summer time. I my have to bronze up my face just to warm it up since this is the darkest shade in offer.

Ps. I do use a primer under as i am now a changed woman. Primer is my thing now.

I do love the Maybelline brand, it's one of my favourite range. It has more hits than misses for me and it's always such a treat when they go on sale. 

What's your favourite drugstore brand?

Hope you are all well!

Stay gorgeous!

I'll speak to you soon xo



  1. I adore Maybelline too! I really love their Colour Drama lip pencils, I thick they are fantastic. I also bought the blushed nudes palette, I didn't already own any of those shades so I thought I would give it a go while it was so cheap. I'm pleasantly surprised with it so far.

    Kez |

    1. Same with the blushed nudes - in fact, i am still teaching myself how to best use it. I've never used so many pinks in my eyes hahahaha


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