26 August 2016

Let's discuss some of the pregnancy symptoms that is rarely talked about. Note: Some maybe TMI.

Here we go!


25 August 2016

This post is all about my love for QV Skincare. Lots of it.


22 August 2016

I did some shopping during the weekend when Priceline started their 50% off sale to all things Maybelline, and here's what I got!


09 August 2016

A few weeks back, I posted something about my child's ability to delay things in every way he can.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's officially doing my head in.
I found a meme online and it spoke to me. It was something about calculating when to get the kids ready for the next day's outing. I wish I can find that meme but the internet is failing me. So moving on.

Many moons ago, we as a family were able to get ready in the morning and be out of the door in a jiffy. All clean, fed, calm and ready to go. These days, we wake up the same time every day, get dressed, eat breakfast and then 1 hour later you'll still find us at home wrangling a three-year old to get ready.

You'd probably think why not wake up a little bit earlier or prepare everything at night? We did and we still end up late for everything. Hear me out. The child may not be able to tell time yet but his body clock is as accurate as your iPhone. They know when to start delaying.

*Please eat your breakfast*

No crust on my toast please mummy.

Where is the crust mummy? I want it back. No you can't have it back.

Can I have a cereal please? No. Eat your toast.

My I please have a tissue? I have peanut butter on my face. You have 2 feet and hands, use them.

Look mummy, I made a rectangle out of my toast. It was already rectangle.

*Please put your shirt on*

I don't like that shirt? He picked it.

I can't find my other sock mummy!! It's already on his left foot.

*Please brush your teeth*

I'll brush my teeth after I poop.

I haven't pooped yet mummy.

I want my other shoes please. He only has one pair.

I'll just brush my teeth now mummy. Ok, thank you.

I need to poop NOW!!!

I'm just going to wash my hands before I brush my teeth.

This soap is not bubbly, do we have another soap? No.

My toothbrush didn't have much toothpaste. He ate it all before he pooped.

My hair looks funny. No you look handsome.

Can I watch Mister Maker? No.

Can I watch Peppa? No.

I need to say goodbye to my toys.

*Heads to the door finally*

I want water please. Hands him his water.

May please have some cold water instead? No, that bottle is from the fridge.

Do you see what I mean?

For days my patience is tested and I find myself Googling.

*Types in Google* = how to get your three-year old ready in the morning without having to wake up the night before so nobody is late. *Search*

 Don't have kids.

*Types in Google* = Support group for parents with three year olds *Search*

I read a few different articles floating on Facebook from educators, child psychologists and other mummies about this - because you turn to internet when it comes to parenting. Totes legit right?

I just want to find my tribe and see if they are experiencing the same and know how they are tackling this as diplomatic as possible. I have resolved to follow whatever method requires less to no wine. Nothing.

Instead, I was comforted by the fact that it's apparently NORMAL. Geez, thanks for the reassurance Internet.

And that, This too shall pass.

However, one article touched my heart and made helped me see these delaying tactics in a different light. Are you ready?

"Research" says, these toddlers just wanted to spend as much time with us before we all go on about our day. They just want to be with us.

Cue tears on my face and feeling guilty.

It makes sense and I am not saying yup that's the reason but it's nice to think it that way, don't you think?

It doesn't change the fact that I still get annoyed big time for all the delays but I try to change my way of thinking about this, for my sanity's sake.

On my good days, I try to:
  1. Appreciate our morning discussions no matter how repetitive or argumentative it is. He is very cute and charming.
  2. Embrace being a broken record because somehow my child got my selective hearing. I am just paying for what I've done to my mum.
  3. Acknowledge that I will be late and celebrate each time we are a minute or two early.
  4. Be grateful that my child wanted to spend more time with me whenever he can even if he's driving me bonkers
  5. And when I know I am about to lose my cool/patience/shit then I tapout and ask for help from daddy and take his turn in the parenting boxing ring while I put my boobs back in my bra aka compose myself.
If I keep on repeating these to myself, then my sanity is restored (almost 90%).

I am no saint, heck no, especially now with hormones, but it doesn't hurt to find light from a very trying situation.

I did lose my shit this morning, hence this post to remind me once again that my toddler just wants to spend more time with me and stick to that reasoning.

If you find a support group for parents of three-year-olds, hit me up! LOL

Hope you're having a wonderful night.

Anyway, that's me for now!



05 August 2016

Ladies (and Gents), I bought new makeup! Yay!