22 July 2016

Threenager is a very trying age, that's a fact. It's when your toddlers are literally a small version of you or your partner in a bad mood. You often find yourself telling them off for being like you. I do! I once told my son off for giving me a silent treatment. Um, hello? *points finger at me*

I see a lot of posts about this age and I agree with all of them, they are hardwork and I am pretty sure they will only be harder as they get older. We are adults but we are still hard work to our parents, don't you think?

I want to show a different light to this age and show that Threenagers are exceptionally clever little beings. Here's why:

They are honest
They are not people pleasers and don't care what you think.

If they tell you the food you cooked wasn't nice then chances are they were not, don't take offence, just improve it next time.

When my son tells me I look pretty in the morning, you and I know that I will work it and bring Sasha Fierce out all day. *flicks my long hair*

They are affectionate
My threenager is very cuddly, always has been and lately he started saying "I love you so much mummy" (or daddy) without prompting, usually out of the blue. It's the best feeling!

When he sees me sad, he hugs me.

When he is sad and upset, he hugs me.

When he's happy and ecstatic, he hugs me.

They are great little helpers in the house
They follow the lead and they follow well (if they are in a good mood, of course). Sometimes you need to provide some form of bribery reward system, just like we do as adults. My threenager has been cleaning after him after a meal time and it's marvelous!

They are easily pleased
You don't even need to try hard. My son is over the moon when I tell him that we are having spaghetti for dinner or when I say we are baking some cupcakes. The other day, I told him he's got a newly washed bed sheet on his bed and he almost had a "mum" in a love heart tattoo on his arm! Ok perhaps that was too much but you get the point, he was so pleased he couldn't contain his appreciation of how great mummy was for washing his bed sheet. Again, he's three with a very particular set of taste.

They are hilarious
They say the funniest things and they are not even meaning to be hilarious. When they tell you about the pink dinosaur they saw that day at the park eating children, then get your cameras out and record the whole damn thing (and send it to Ellen!).

Ask my son how old he is and he'll say "free".

They are like the funny kind of drunk person you meet in university. That could have been me if you went to same uni.

They don't care about what other people think about them
They really don't. They just do what they want, when they want. They would easily go out in public wearing two different shoes and won't have any care in the world. Sometimes I wish I am like this by default, no care.

They are witty
My son calls me out, "Mummy, why are not you putting your dirty plate in the dishwasher?". Threenagers remind you to practice what you preach all.friggin.time. You gotta to love it.

A good friend of mine was asked by her clever threenager, "Why do only boys work mummy?"
They are little Oprah with their a-ha moment questions.

They are yours
If they are clever, then you must be too. Who else are they going to get their cleverness from? (wink).

This post was not easy to write. It has been sitting in my draft for weeks! I even felt guilty because it was so easy to complain about the trying things this age brings to us, so I made it a point to find the good in what I perceived as the bad and write it. I even found other blog posts that have the same view as mine, that Threenagers get the bad rep but in all honesty, they are exceptionally clever little beings!

Let's love our Threenagers and grow with them, they will be off to uni before we know it.
They are hard work but they are the love we never know even existed.

Hope you are all having a fun Friday!
I am looking forward to the weekend because I am forever dreaming of naps.


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