14 July 2016

Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post on this blog. I've been a terrible blogger I know and time has come to actually come clean and explain my absence.

The last few months, I decided to create another blog, a mummy blog. I call it Working Mummy Chronicles. This blog was inspired by events relating to dealing with my toddler, aka, my threenagerI felt the writing freedom I never felt here in Mschikee Blog. Talking about my own parenting moments and fails, my desire to have another baby, worries about working and potentially not working, it was all grown up stuff. Deeper things. It was liberating.

The joys of having 2 blogs of different contents came to a halt. I am betraying Mschikee Blog, am I not?

I am no longer that girl who loved nothing but makeup and shopping. Like exclusively. My priorities have changed and I just feel older now to be just talking about makeup but I didn't want to lose touch from this beautiful blog I held so dear to my heart since 2007.

And so a simple decision has been made, I am changing the content of this blog and become my only blog to keep active. I plan to include topics I would normally write on Working Mummy Chronicles and perhaps some travel here and there. I'll possibly talk about food and wine or even a film! I will still talk about makeup, shoes and shopping because I may be older now but I know myself enough that I will still be that girly girl who will find some amazing lipstick and would want to tell the world immediately.

What will happen to Working Mummy Chronicles blog?

I will keep it open and public. I will also repost here some of my favourite blog posts I published.

New content. New categories. Same Blog.

I am not the strongest, nor the wittiest of writers, but I do love writing. It's my personal therapy and happy place and I plan to keep doing it until life permits me.

Change is good.

This blog is growing up too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time!


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