16 February 2016

Spot my iPhone.. lol

It's now been more than 2 weeks since I started using this range and I finally introduced the Serum on to my skin.

Me: Face, this is Elucent Serum, it has highest AHA in the range. Elucent Serum, this is my Face, she is in need of some love especially those frown lines between her brows.

That's my introduction. Teehee.. 

Let's talk about the 2-week mark of using this range first, shall we? Then we'll move to the serum.

2-week mark

On the second week, I was pretty much using all of the products except the serum. I still followed the following timetable though.

 Photo Source and credits: www.elucentskincare.com.au

My skin continued to be smoother and . By no means my hard (frown) lines and fine lines are gone but I just feel they are looking softer rather than more pronounced? Botox is my only solution for those frown lines but for it to look softer is already a win.

My skin feels hydrated and healthy. Clear of any breakouts.  I still feel some minor tingling but very minimal to none. It's fair to say my skin is now comfortable with AHA.

THE Serum

I started using the serum on the 15th day, so just after 2 weeks. It felt like a grand production because I was clearly having all this "what if my skin hates it?" and mini-moments of panic. #foreverAdramaQueen

Initial thoughts (first impressions)

  • The product itself is runny. 
  • It feels like a lightweight oil but not greasy. 
  • It sinks in the skin like a dream.
  • No significant sent that my nose can detect.
Experience on First Use:

I did feel minor tingling but it was so subtle. I only applied the serum on my concern areas, such as my frown lines between my brows, forehead, crows feet area and around my lips and chin area. 

It's a lovely product.

Any negatives?

My only negative comment is the tube packaging. The product is very runny and it just leaks out of the tube if you're not careful. You can easily waste the product as it can quickly be dispensed out of the the tube. I had a major Oh Shit moment when opened the tube.  I think it would be better in a pump-bottle where the pump controls the amount of product at every use. 

Hopefully the lovely people at Elucent are reading this :)

I am hooked on this range. I can see myself repurchasing it over and over again and it says a lot for me to be loyal in one particular skincare brand.

One advise I can give is to have a separate sunscreen product that you can re-apply during the day or before sun exposure. Even though the day moisturiser has SPF50, it doesn't mean your skin is protected the whole day. 

My skin is very happy.

Another review is on the horizon maybe after a few weeks of using the serum and see what magic it brings to my face. Watch this space!

Have a lovely day xx

ps. If you missed my initial review click here - Link!

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