05 October 2015

I woke up one day and decided I need Nude-Beige lipsticks in my life, so I got 3. Makes perfectly sense right?

I did rummage through my collection first and found none! I was shocked too!
As it turns out, all of my nude lipsticks have touches of pink or mauve or deeper brown.

Meet my new babies!

Baby #1 - Rimmel London - Kate Nude Collection in 42 - Link!

A lovely beige-nude but it looks like concealer on my lips. I started having feelings of maybe beige nudes are not my thing but I have a vision of me having Bronde hair and this should compliment it or maybe it's all in my head.

If you love Rimmel lippies then you'll love this range too. I am a little sad this didn't work out for me. I wish I picked up #43 instead or even #45.

Baby #2 - L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet - Link!

This is probably my favourite of the lot because it's not as opaque as the other 2 lippies which means I don't look I am about to pass out when I have it on. My only woe is the stickiness factor and it's a lot (I am mean like a lot). Imagine a windy day and long hair, it's a disaster.

All first world problem aside, it's lovely on the lips and the shade is not too washed out on me. It actually reminds me of MAC Love Nectar lipglass. They both have the same level of stickiness to it too and both have that yummy sweet scent to it.

Baby #3 - Australis Cosmetics Velourlips in Pa-Ree - Link!

Straight-up, it's a love-hate relationship!

LOVE - how opaque and pigmented the lipstick is. I mean it's intense! As for the shade, I kinda like the whole opaqueness to it. It warms up to your lips so it's not totally "concealer on the lips" look. It's the ultimate matte nude if I have to describe it in a beauty-blogger way. Out of the 3, this is my second favourite.

HATE - once it set, it's like done and it sets so fast. I feel like there's not enough time to correct any application booboos. And it's a mofo to remove should you have to fix anything.


This experience led me to understand the reason why I don't have a lot of Beige-Nudes in my stash. As it turns out, Beige Nude lipsticks don't always suit me. It's possibly down to my own preferences and the fact that I am not used to seeing myself wearing it. But most of the shades I tried look so washed out on me and the others are just ridiculous!

I have to continue looking for the right shade and possibly stick to it when I find one unless of course you are in the NC40/NC42 skintone and you've found the one and by all means please help the sister out will you?

I'll be giving away the other lipsticks (featured in this post) to friends and family because I can't let it sit unloved in my drawers. I just hope they say yes and not feel grossed out. Hahahaha

Are you a beige nude fan? What are you favourite shades?

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Speak to you all soon xxx

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