26 September 2015

It's my 4th week of using this range and I think it's just right to give you an update and share my experience in using these products. Let's go!

I was fortunate to receive these goodies to try during Perth's BloggersUnitedAU event and my friends, tried I did.

What you need to know about the range:
  • It has Vitamins E, C, B3, Safflower Seed Oil and Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract.
  • It's a whitening range but it doesn't bleach your skin. 
  • Medium-Darker Skin tones can use this product as well without altering the colour of your skin.
  • It promises to even out your skin tone
  • It promises to reduce the appearance of pigmentation due to sun exposure
  • It promises to brighten your dull complexion
  • It's also advised to use the products continuously for 12 weeks to see results
For some show and tell purposes, here are some before and after photos.

BEFORE - photo taken on the first day of product use. As you can see, my pigmentation is mostly on my cheeks. Some are freckles and some are sun damage kind of spots.


AFTER - Photo taken after 4 weeks of using the products. You can see a "fading" look to my sunspots but they are still visible.

What are my first impressions on the first day of use? I made these notes.
  • The scent of the products remind me of Estee Lauder's skin care range.
  • The Spot Corrector serum is too runny.
  • The exfoliating cleanser is too runny.
  • The Night Cream is divine to use and very hydrating
  • The Day Cream is too sticky and it doesn't set quickly on the skin
  • The Eye cream sinks in the skin fast enough ready for any concealer
What do I really think of the range now after 4 weeks?

Spot Corrector - it's runny but the skin absorbs it so well. I wish this is in a bigger tube. I was told that you can use this in any parts of your body that needs brightening (ie, underarms, elbows, etc)

Exfoliating Cleanser - it's very gentle scrub on the skin and it works hand in hand with the spot corrector. I find that the spot corrector sinks in better after a scrub. It's just a little runny so be careful when dispensing the product off the tube.

Day Moisturiser - the most hydrating moisturiser I ever owned. It may look like just a sunscreen on your skin at first but as soon as it sets it's beautiful on the skin. It doesn't make my foundation look ashy and there is no flash-back on photos.

Night Moisturiser - amazing. I wake up with a healthy looking and feeling skin.

Hand cream - makes your hands feel smoother.

Eye Cream - it hasn't wowed me but then again no eye cream has ever but in saying that, this cream is lovely under the eyes and makes concealing a dream.

It's only been 4 weeks but I have fallen inlove with the entire range completely. My preferences in skincare have changed dramatically because of this. I love every single item in the range especially the day moisturiser. It was quite a surprise because I thought I would never like it but hey first impressions don't mean anything really.

I saw a video by Pixiwoo sisters and they mentioned about a good moisturiser means having enough "playtime" on skin before everything sets in place (ie, makeup base / foundation) and they also said that the most hydrated looking skin always looks the youngest.

I used to prefer light formula day moisturisers. The kind that sinks in the skin quickly and doesn't feel sticky. I guess my age has come to a point where my skin needs a richer and more hydrating day moisturiser and Elucent Skincare definitely delivers.

It's sticky for my own liking but my skin looks and feels so hydrated each time I use it so I've become accustomed to it. My makeup sits perfectly on top of it, which makes it a very good base, while my skin looks glowy but not shiny. 

What differences on my skin did I notice since using the products?

My skin is so much smoother! As in baby soft kind of smooth. I've had compliments from my brow lady, a lady from the Estee Lauder counter colour matching me, another lady from Mecca Maxima who was colour matching me, my cousin, my husband, a workmate who just had the urge to touch my cheeks purely because she said my skin looked so nice! They all said I have the softest and smoothest skin ever. I smiled and humbly said I use Elucent skin care to which they reply with "what is that?".

Will I recommend it?


I've been looking after my skin since I was 16. I've changed up my skin care based on what my skin needs and now that I am in my mid-30s, I can say that this range works amazing. They do have an anti-ageing range which I am very very keen to try once I finished the whitening range.

Note: You have to be a patient kind of person to understand that real results will show in 12 weeks after continuous use but you'll be surprised at how your skin's texture improves as you go through the products.

The range is exclusively available at Chemist Warehouse Australia wide.


I do apologise for being MIA on the blog. There's new work and also other things that I have to attend. I'm planning to get into the swing of things again and start doing more blog posts.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying all the sunshine!
Spring brings me joy and hayfever.

I'll speak to you soon xxx

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