10 August 2015

It's finally time to talk about this foundation.
So here it is!

It's official my friends, I am a foundation hoarder.  I prefer to be called Enthusiast actually, it sounds like a decent and noble hobby that a modern woman like me would partake, yes?

I had reservations about this because the original FitMe (dewy) formula didn't agree with my skin. It was ashy-grey-too-light for my skintone and the shade after 310 is like mud on my face. Me no likey. I hated it. So what did I do next? I got the new FitMe Poreless Matte foundation. I am afterall a Foundation Enthusiast, remember?

Verdict: I give 3.5 out 5 stars. A true love-hate relationship.


1) There is no pump. Nada. Nothing. But then if you're a FitMe lover then you know this by now. I guess all the rants about "it doesn't have pump" in the bloggosphere didn't convince the packaging team after all.

2) The matte formula has more yellow tone to it and sets nicer on my skin than the dewy one. I am currently using shade 310 and it matches me OK for now but I know when the weather starts warming up and I get more fun in the sun, this shade is going to be too light.

3) Finish and longevity on skin can be compared to my HG Drugstore Foundation - Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1. In fact, shade-aside, I think they are almost dupes of each other.

4) The claims being poreless is met with my skin at least. It's my favourite factor of this foundation.

5) My favourite application tool has to be a damp Real Techniques Sponge

6) No powder is needed to set the foundation

7) Coverage is light-medium more on the Medium scale when you build it up.


If it wasn't for the shade and pump issues (yes it's an issue), this foundation has the potential to kick my Covergirl HG foundation but for now it remains a winter foundation.

If you find a shade that matches you well, go for it. It's one of the better drugstore foundation out there. I prefer this than the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte because this is more skin-like.

It's been really cold lately in Perth and I mean cold so if you're in the same state then stay warm.
And to the rest of you, hope you're having all the sunshine and warmth xx

I'll speak to you soon!


  1. Have never tried any of the FitMe foundations because, well... because I could not find one that FIT ME! I'm more of a mascara and lipstick hoarder, I think maybe because I use them more often than I do foundations? What is up with foundations with no pumps though?? I've used the L'Oreal... can't remember the name but supposed to be a dupe of the Armani one or something. But yeah... no pump. And it's watery so really... sigh...

    1. I know right? i dont understand the no pump business. In fairness, they have more shades available in US. there is even a 315. i dont understand why they won't carry the same shades here or globally.
      i have a drawer full of foundations.... *hides face*
      i am a lipstick hoarder too! hahaha how could you not though, it's just fair that we test them for others right?


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