25 August 2015

This purchase was enabled by no other than Ms Eleanor Pendleton, beauty editor of Gritty Pretty.

*she's half-Filipina you know, just saying. hehehe

Gritty Pretty, the online magazine, got me wrapped around its tiny little pinky because of this video - Link! I watched and re-watched the video eager to get the lipstick names/numbers. I may have been the crazy woman taking screen shots of the lipsticks while the video was playing because pressing "pause" is for the weak.

You see my friends, this is a clear example of how powerful social media when it comes to consumerism.  Do I need more lipsticks? No. Do I want these lipsticks? Yaaaasss!

I had 4 lipsticks in my list but ended up with these two: Intense Plum (374) from their Colour Riche Made For Me Collection and (my fave) Matte Erotique (640) from their Colour Riche 30 Year Collection.

Let's start with Intense Plum.

You and I both know that I am always drawn to a berry/plum lip shades. I just love them. I have been in search for an easy to wear shade and formula and this is one of them. I say this comes easy second. (Bite Beauty still being first). You can intensify the colour by having 2 or more coats and it won't feel too much on the lips. This is the shade that Eleanor sold me. She wore this shade so beautiful I was literally screaming "show me the lipstick!!".

Need to get them super hydrating hand creams eh?
One coat and it already looks so nice.
Now for my favourite and possible new HG lipstick (for now),  Matte Erotique. I have so many feels about this lipstick. I just know this is going to be repurchased over and over again.

This was a pleasant surprise. My trusty list had "a little bit orange" note to it for some reason so I wasn't really keen but holy guacamole it's the prettiest pink shade ever and it's matte! It's no brainer really, I had to have it. Stat.

Initially, I thought it's the same shade as my wedding lipstick (Bobbi Brown Tulle) but it's not. This is warmer and also matte. I will describe the shade as My Lips But Better, yup, I really used that line because it's true.

Which is your favourite?


I've been a fan of the Colour Riche range even though they have this obnoxious baby powder smell. If you can ignore the scent then I think you'll love them too.

I have a feeling I'll be back for more. I am thinking about the red-orange brick shade for spring. I really don't need anymore lipsticks. But I might just get one more, for good looks hehehe

Hope you're having a good week. We have major viral illness happening in our household all thanks to Winter and the germs it brings. Le Sigh.

I'll speak to you soon xx


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