24 July 2015

This post is just about this pair of ankle boots and nothing else.

We'll let's start with the good bits, where can you get it?
These boots are by Diana Ferrari and it's called Rhinestone. It comes in this lovely black colour and also dark grey too.

To my Aussie readers, these boots are available in Myer and currently on sale. It was 40% over the weekend but I won't be surprised if it still is.

Myer - Link!- both colours are currently on sale
Diana Ferrari (Official website) - Link! - the grey pair is on sale.
StyleTread - Link! - regular price.

So now that we've got the links and the sale out of the way, let's talk about the shoes.

1) It's one of the comfiest high-heeled boots I own. This is my favourite kind of chunky heel. It's NOT excessively 90s boxy chunky heel which I am not a fan of and it's not kitten looking heel which I hate!

2) The slender-shape makes my feet look very put together and narrower than they are.

3) For someone who gets blisters even when wearing socks, I am happy to advise that my feet are blister-free!

4) I do have longer legs and very short upper torso but I still find ankle boots cut my legs unless I stick to dark skinny jeans / leggings. The illusions! I am wondering how I'll look when I pair this with a dress and bare my legs! The cold has kept all my shirt / shift dresses in a suitcase so watch this space.

So, can you sense how pleased I am with my new purchase?

There are only good words and good vibes that I can share about this pair of booties. It has transformed my work wardrobe in so many levels. Who knew that having a classic, plain black ankle boots can solve my

Hoping that this is also your new pair of shoes!

Stay warm xxx


  1. Cuteeeeeee :)

    I've never bought some because I always thought that it would make my legs look fatter, but you've inspired me to buy a pair :)

    1. did you get one? I am sooo tempted to get another pair for back up .. yes, im that sad.

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