14 July 2015

Another foundation review for you today because this is finally available in Australia.

Lo and behold, the matte foundation that is truly matte.

It's a love-hate relationship with this foundation. There are days when it looked amazing on me and there are times when I feel plastic and flat.

What's Good about it?

1) It's definitely Matte. No shine, nothing. I imagine this being the absolute perfect foundation in summer for Combo/Oily Skin. It has a tendency to look flat on its own so a little highlighting or contouring won't hurt.

2) It lasts ALL DAY. Touch-ups are less to none in a day.

3) It's affordable and the packaging is very sleek. It's travel friendly.

4) It doesn't transfer on clothes or people when you kiss them.

5) Medium to Full Coverage. Freckles be gone! Very opaque.

6) It sets beautifully on skin and there's no need to set it with a powder.
The only fault I can give this product is colour selection is poor. I am currently on Sun Beige which is good for now but  will be too light in the summer when I need this foundation the most.

It can start looking flat matte but once your natural skin oils started coming out then it transforms into a more natural looking base throughout the day. This foundation photographs beautifully.

There's also that unspoken joy of having the liberty of slapping (tons) highlighting products to lift some dimension which really takes the matte away but hey it's all about strobing these days, right?

Change of heart?

While I enjoy using this foundation, I have been reaching for my Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation more - I reviewed it here - Link!.
I am in favour of light coverage these days. I feel younger with a lighter coverage and I seem to chant less is more as my new makeup mantra.

Needless to say, this pro-matte foundation is one of the better matte foundations in this price tag. I am pretty sure I'll wake up one day and decide it's time to go full coverage again.

Have you tried it?


  1. Thanks for the review, Sheryl. I'm a bit curious about it but already have a MAC one I barely reach for because like you, I'm in a less is more phase for bases. But eyes, I'm doing the works these days!!

    SSG xxx

    1. ooohh same here about eyes! i got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar as present and it is so beautiful i've been rocking smokey eyes everyday for work now hahahahaha
      I am so scared to finish the gel foundation, what will I do? we don't have sephora here hahahaha #firstworldproblems xx

  2. I have seen many good reviews about this foundation. I am really wondering to get one, but there is no store in U.K from where I can check my shade and purchase one. Moreover, I am very new in makeup line, recently just done with my makeup lesson by Lina, who trains fall makeup lesson. Can you please suggest me a perfect match for NC42?


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