22 July 2015

Birthday presents are still coming and I am definitely feeling the love. I Love July!

So, meet the new girls in my stash - Brigitte and Mary-Lou.


Everyone this is Brigitte, Brigitte this is everyone. Brigitte is from the NARS Audacious Lipstick range. She's a coral-pink with yellow undertone. She's very creamy, pigmented and very lovely on lips. She's also a favourite by many.

Introduction over.

Ok... serious talk now.
This is my first Audacious lipstick and my lips can now understand the hype. A little ooohh  may have escaped my lips when this was being applied by the MUA in store. The formulation is far better than it's rival, MAC Creemsheens. (In my humble opinion of course). It glides on lips and stays creamy/satin-y for longer. You can barely feel its presence even though it's a creamy product.

The packaging is slick and the case is not as heavy as the Estee Lauder Pure Envy. I am also very pleased that it doesn't have that standard NARS rubbery packaging because we all know that is a magnet to all kind of makeup fall out in your makeup bag, not to mention your foundation-covered-grubby-fingers.

The pinky-coral shade reminds me of the Orgasm blush cross with Deep Throat. Gotta love NARS' naming convention eh. It has that brightening / lively effect on your makeup look and I like it very much. To go alongside the brand's naming convention, one can say that this lipstick can make you look you had lots of amazing sex? I really did go there didn't I?

It's a gorgeous colour, let's end it to that.

Now, everyone meet Mary-Lou. Mary-Lou meet everyone.
Mary-Lou is loved by a lot of beauty bloggers / makeup fanatics. She gives this most amazing glow that doesn't scream glitter. She can transform your skin into something so glorious you will want to bathe with her if possible.

End of Introduction.

While everyone in the Beauty world is going gaga on Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfectors ie, Champagne Pop, I just caught up and only declared my love for The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

It's just the loveliest powder highlighter I own and I have a lot. Shhhhh. That golden tone is what won my heart. It's an amazing highligher or skin finisher if you would like. It's finely milled which is always good in our books and it looks amazing on any skin tone. I don't know what else to say. I just love it.

You can buy the lipstick from any Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima stores - Link!
And The Balm products are avaliable in David Jones - Link!

I have been stuck in a makeup rut the last few weeks all thanks to Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I just couldn't stay away. I am also planning to spring clean my makeup collection and only keep the ones that spark joy. It's going to be hard, I just know it. Wish me luck!

Hope you are all well xx
Have you tried any of Audacious Lipsticks? What about Mary-Lou?

Thank you for my present MariaClaraRemix.


  1. Gorgeous!!

    I find it so hard to find a pale pink lipstick. My lips are quite pigmented so most pale lippies look odd on me. I tend to stick to pale lipglosses as they look better.

    1. Thank you hun! xx i have to stop buying pink lipsticks!!! hahaha


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