15 July 2015

My birthday has come and gone. *insert sad face*

But I thought I'd share some of the makeup items I received as presents!

I turned 35 and what did I ask for my birthday? More Makeup.

And more makeup I got.

I finally got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar - Link! - after lusting over it for months (and months). I also got a full size of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light since I've finished the one in the palette I got last year and also got another shade of the Clarins Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer. The nail polish was apparently a freebie and I think the colour choice is superb, it's definitely right up my alley.

I also committed the #1 Beauty Blogger's Cardinal sin. I took a photo of the hauled goods after using the products. It's the unspoken rule that new items remained untouched / unused until after a blog photo has been taken but I couldn't wait. There was a squeal when the presents were opened and I may have ignored everyone at the party while I swatched, sniffed and tested the shades right in my own little bubble of happiness. I just couldn't wait.

Here's a confession: This is my new favourite palette. It has won my heart over the UD Naked Palette! #bigclaimsrightthere

It smells like chocolates (duh!) and what better smell there is really other than chocolates? Well aside from Baby Smell and Chloe and Freshly baked Bread. 

The collection of shades are just beautiful. I love purples and the warmer browns. I love the balance in matte and shimmery shades. I personally love Milk Chocolate, Marzipan, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Cherry Cordial, Black Forrest Truffle, Amaretto.... OK, I love all of the shades.

The pigmentation is beautiful. It's buttery and it blends oh so lovely. You can use it wet or dry as seen on some YouTube tutorials from the more talented beauty gurus.

I would recommend it over the Naked Palette. I think it has more character and personality. The shades appeal more to a lot of different skin tones and seriously,!

If you were to own one palette and one palette only, this can (or should) be it! I think for the price, it's justified.

Here's a failed attempt of a photo when I first properly used the palette. I used the shades Marzipan, Amaretto, Milk Chocolte and White Chocolate. I am also trying out yet another foundation and a review should be up soon. Lips, if you're wondering, is Bobbi Brown's Tulle aka my wedding day lipstick.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day!

I am currently window shopping for a highlighter (powder) and I think I am going for The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer so watch this space!

Have you tried the Too Faced Chocolate Bar? What do you think? xx

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  1. I love this eye-shadow palette so much. They are highly pigmented and I got this while doing my course from Lina. She trains the best makeup lesson London. She is so helpful and friendly. I am glad to choose her as my makeup artist for my sister's wedding and as my trainer.


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