08 June 2015

I wore a dress the other day and a blog post is necessary. Sun on my face, hello Perth winter!

The husband and I celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary last week and this is what I wore, a dress! I am the person who declares she's got nothing to wear while standing next to a pile of clothes on the floor. I think it's more like I've got nothing that fits so I made a cheeky (and rushed) dress shopping and voila!

I found this navy eyelet dress from Portmans. It's the kind of dress that has a fake crop top and a high-waist A-line skirt, when really it's all one dress - meaning there will be no tummy exposure of some sort. Winning!  The V-neck, my forever preferred neckline, sealed the deal for me. And the length is just long enough to expose the right part of my legs. I make wearing a dress too complicated sometimes.

The Charles & Keith bag went on its first night out and my trusty and most loved ASOS - Springbreak pumps completed the whole outfit. I am seriously considering getting a backup pair of these black pumps.

This (photo below) is my gift from the husband and I think he did very well. I've been trying to score this kind of necklace since I saw it on Nina Proudman (Any Offspring TV show fans out there?). It's dainty and just so minimalistic, my kind of neck accessories at the moment.

Dress: Portmans (not available online) but here's some other styles - Link!
Bag: Charles & Keith - Link!
Watch: Mimco (old)
Shoes: ASOS Spring Break Pumps - Link!
Dainty Bar Necklace: Michael Hill Australia - Link!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let's all thank the lovely other half for the gift and also for giving me half a day this past weekend to take photos. Me and my camera, we are not BFFs at the moment but we will get there.

Hope you have a great weekend lovelies! Next post will be the makeup I wore with this dress! Exciting!


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the back neckline of the dress.

    1. Thanks hun! I love v-necks. the illusion of a longer neck and narrow shoulder are my goals in life hahahahahaha


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