29 June 2015

I have 2 things for you today, this tiny haul featuring this amazing lipstick and strobing.
Let's start with the lipstick, who could say no to JLo? I can't. I met the lipstick in person and I envisioned it with breton stripes top, white sneakers and dark-blue skinny jeans. It's the kind of red you need when you go all nautical.

Alas, my yatch-adventure never came to life but I was close enough to a harbour when this lipstick came out to play so I was partially nautical.

It's a warmer red perfect for ladies with golden undertone. It's creamy and very pigmented. Application is a dream as it glides on the lips smoothly. It's a semi-matte finish and it can accentuate dry/flaky lips so a little lips exfoliation is recommended before use. The lasting power depends on how many food/drink you consumed but it leaves a lovely stain so your lips will not be totally naked.

As always, a lip liner is handy to outline your lips before application. For the inexperienced (like me), this kind of red is high-maintenance and a little smudge can drive you bonkers. I suggest to have q-tips handy and your concealer close so you can easily clean out the smudges on every application or retouch.

Now, let's talk about Strobing. It's the current trend that is getting a lot of mention in the beauty community. Some say contouring is out and strobing is in.

What is strobing anyway? From what the internet told me, it's using highlighter only on high planes and points of your face where light hits to create that spotlit / candlelit glow on a clean base. It's the ultimate au naturale look. It works best on healthy and clear skin so while it seems like a low maintenance kind of look, it requires a regimented skincare routine unless of course you're one of the lucky ones with clear skin.

Curiously, I tried strobing after doing some Instagram stalking which is very enabling and I think I am a fan! Does that make me a strober? I prefer it more than contouring. My technique clearly requires major improvement but I like how my skin looked (glowed) and I liked it very much.

I think it's good to find a finely milled highlighter to avoid disco ball mess but I can see major glitter on some photos on instagram so perhaps follow your personal preference. I used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette for this look - Link! - but I am keen to try using NARS Albatross and hope it's not too out there.

Have you tried strobing? Do you like it? 

Hope you are all having a great start of the week! xx

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