IN & OUT - #1

17 June 2015

It's been years since my last In and Out and it's time to bring it back!

  • Netflix - The promise of just this last episode, Ok? means 5 more episodes. The struggle is real, I can't stop binge watching.
  • The Killing (TV Show) - in conjuction to my Netflix addiction, I've recently said goodbye to my beloved Holder and Linden characters from one of my favourite TV shows ever - The Killing. The plot and flawed characters of this show are a breath of fresh air. The ending is disappointing and very hollywood-ish but I totally recommend watching the whole series if you're into crime shows. There are no overly-done looking crime solving officer nor those cheesy I-take-off-my-glasses thinking look in the show, it's raw and almost real. You will possibly adapt to some #holderism too.
  • DIY Pedicures - I accepted the challenge to do my own pedicure and it's fair to say it's not a bad idea at all. The occasional bleeding that comes from over cutting my cuticles hasn't changed my mind yet.
  • Long Hair - the last attempt to have my haircut is out the window, gone. I decided to grow my hair long again. The longer my hair gets the less styling I seem to need. My now mantra says "long hair don't care".
  • Nude Nails - like literally! While my toenails are getting all the love, my fingernails are bare and polish-free and I kinda like it.
  • Juicy Couture Eau De Parfum - A rekindled love affair with this perfume seems to blossom only in winter. The love is alive now and I carry a small bottle in my handbag because a full bottle is just too weird.
  • Instagram - my favourite social media avenue to date. It's visual and a lot more entertaining compared to Twitter. The stalking process is much more rewarding and at the same time the want list (shoes, makeup, bag, etc) is now twice as long. It's more "enabling" to the blogger's eye.

  • Facial Oils - My skin is not liking facial oils at all this time around. It is a slick of grease on my face and creeps to my scalp. Yuck!

  • Strong Brows - I've adopted a much softer brow look. The change is brought by my recently coloured hair. Darker hair needs softer (but still defined) brows don't you think?
  • Ombre Hair - No more ombre hair for now at least. I feel like a grown up.
  • Full Coverage Foundation - Just like the adoption of softer brows, skin-like (freckles exposed) base is what I am sporting lately and I am liking it a lot (a lot).
Hope you are all having a great week so far! If you've got Netflix, I seriously recommend The Killing, no joke. I am still having some withdrawal syndrome now that I've watched the last episode. I miss them and I miss my crime solving discussions with my husband. It's how we roll y'all. #saddos

Speak to you soon! xx


  1. I've heard some great things about The Killing. I'll have to put it on my list of things to watch.

    PS Priceline has their skincare goodie bag starting tomorrow (Thursday 18th) and they also have Nuxe, Antipodes and ModelCo on sale. Will you be picking up anything?

    1. yes please put it in your list :)
      I saw that in the catalogue last night and I am so tempted but I already bought a lot of things! Also heading to Sydney for holiday so need not to spend anymore ahahahahaha

      Are you getting it??? you have to blog about it again when you!


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