11 June 2015

I received numerous messages of support and love when I shared my story here - Link! - and it still blows my mind whenever I re-read them. I felt the love for sure so thank you to you all. #GroupHug

Here's a post dear to my heart. If this is something that is not your kind of read, then please skip and I won't mind ;-) I hope this find some comfort to those who just had D&C or about to go through it.

D & C

My OB strongly suggested for D & C for medical and emotional reason.  It eliminated the whole waiting game to naturally miscarry. I wasn't keen on going through all the pregnancy symptoms anymore. It also lowered the chances of me getting an infection. It wasn't easy to sign that paper giving my consent but in the end it's the best decision we've made.

The procedure is a day surgery. You come in the morning and home by mid-day. In Australia, patients go under general anesthesia when having a D & C. I was out for a good hour I think or maybe less and that's including the procedure and recovery times. 

They offered some pain killers before and after the procedure but fortunately, I didn't need it. I remember waiting for the painful cramps to start but it never came. I heard a few stories about how painful it was afterwards which wasn't the case for me and I had to check with my OB if it's a good sign. It sounds ridiculous now that I am typing it. I worry a lot.

Life after D & C

It was so surreal when I woke up in the recovery room. I came in pregnant and I woke up not pregnant. The procedure went well according to the nurses and my lovely OB left me a message of what not to do and when to see her again. 

I bled for a week and spotted the following week. My pregnancy symptoms were gone almost instantaneously. I did a home pregnancy test 3rd week post-op to check HCG levels and I got a negative result. I know a few women who had positive-test result 6-weeks post-op so it all depends on the woman. You'll only ovulate once the HCG leaves your system. 

I also had a bout of mood swings, the nasty-I-want-to-punch-you kind of hormones flooded my system for days. It was like PMS in it's highest, most annoying form. I was horrible to be with and I was that scary mummy! It all died down a week or so after my spotting stopped and I am just now waiting for Aunt Flo to come.

4 Weeks Post-Op Appointment

I met my OB 4 weeks after my procedure.  Tissues collected were sent for testing to find out the cause of the miscarriage. She's confirmed that there was a chromosomal abnormality and nothing could have been done to prevent it. Apparently there were 2 chromosomes that dropped and that terminated the pregnancy. It was rare and it's not something that can happen again in the nearest future. The said info served me my closure. 

The tissues also presented a female chromosome so my baby would have been a girl. Insert smiley-face-with-heart-eyes emoticon here!


I seriously didn't think we as family would have gracefully accepted the loss if it wasn't for my son. The little man is a ray of sunshine and he makes our lives the best life we could have on a daily basis. My husband and I are just over the moon inlove with him. There's a bitter-sweet taste to knowing the gender of the baby that we've lost but I am very grateful to know. I had a baby girl.

The experience as whole is not something I would want to go through again but if I find myself in a similar (if not the same) situation then I know that we, as a family will be OK. Things happen for a reason and I believe that.

I don't want to end this post in such a sad note because it's not the tone I am trying to express so I'm gonna share the books I read in the last 4 weeks. These are funny (hillarious!) books, my kind books.  It's light reading and involves romance that you can relate to and just hillarious kind of writing! My favourite is The Rosie Project! The book had me in stitches. I laughed until I could not laugh anymore.  I totally recommend them.

Hope you are all doing well and thank you again reading, for visiting this blog. It has been a wonderful outlet for me to express my interests and experiences. 

I'll speak to you soon xxx


  1. I'm so sorry that you went through this. I can't begin to even imagine how difficult it's been for you and your family, but I do understand how looking at your child makes even the most painful moments less painful. The love they have for you is truly a gift. xo

    1. Thank you hun! xx
      i still need to get out of the negative mindset which i think is hormones induced hahaha them hormones you know!


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