23 May 2015

The last 2 weeks were all about pampering myself and having lots of me time at the end of every day.

I basically sold myself to the idea of pampering my body from the minute I left the hospital.
I tend to go for body care when I need to give love back to myself. I would gladly splurge on luxurious creams and shower gels just to make myself feel better and it always work. I learned got it from my mama.

So let's discuss my 2 favourites first.

Let's start with my Holy Grail body cream. The cream that sums up luxury + comfort, meet L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate.

So a little bit of back story for you, when I found myself inside L'Occitane store I knew that I am in big trouble. There was the entire Almond range staring at me. Luckily, there was also a husband ready to do anything to make me feel better.

This jar is full of insanely amazing body cream that will kiss your dry skin goodbye while leaving you this amazing scent that lasts all day you can skip on perfume.

(Try to) Forget the price tag like I did and invest on it. "Invest" would be the wrong word to use but you get my drift. Right? 

The almond scent is heavenly and comforting. It triggers a feeling that links to my mother albeit her not ever using it in her living years. There is a familiarity to it and I like it.

I use this all over my body at night after a very hot shower. I even apply this on my feet before I put my wooly socks on.

OK now let's talk about the price tag, yes, it's a lot for a cream, but what's the point of working when you can't splurge on something right? #mantra

Next up is Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy

One word, Yummy! Not for food consumption but yummy to the senses that is!

One of the most hydrating hand cream there is in the market. Something about the citrus scent that awakens your senses each time you apply it. I hate dry skin on hands especially in winter. It's a pet peeve but luckily this little gem of a cream keeps my hands soft, smooth and hydrated. My biggest worry was the coriander scent as I am not fan but surprisingly the smell is not coriander-y. The new tube packaging is much more bag-friendly too! It's less likely to leak or have a hole around folded edges. I would gladly repurchase it and maybe try other scents.

And the runner ups for my night time body care routine are:

The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream - this is just yummy and delightful to use. I had this on stand by on days that I needed extra pampering but I decided why not use it every single time? It's not like I have to wait for the queen to visit. I tend to have this mentality that good /expensive products are for special occasions only but that's now changing. Note to self: it's ok to use it every day.

L'Oreal Elvive Extra Ordinary Oil - I apply this before I wash my hair. It's a game changer and it makes my hair feel extra nourished without the grease / weight.

The other products, Nuxe Reve De Miel - well we all know I love this stuff - Link! And my new foot cream from Jergens which is not quite the cream that transform dull and dry feet but it works for now and for what I need it for. I am still yet to find the best foot cream for my horrendous feet.

So every night after I put my toddler to bed, I take my time in getting ready for bed (or before we put Netflix on).  I am creating new memories from all these products and I am associating "healing and happiness" in the scents I smell from these items. It's helping for sure, both emotionally and physically. Who can say no to healthy, soft skin and lips plus shiny hair?

I am slowly getting back to blogging so expect new posts! There will be another post about pampering home edition. Hope you're all well. Thank you for all your kind personal messages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I felt the love :)

Happy Weekend everyone xxx

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