25 May 2015

Cold nights are finally here and I am one of those who loves the cold weather. The idea of being fully rugged up in my PJs, blanket and wooly socks makes me happy.

My day is usually busy and hectic. Sometimes full on. So after I've put the toddler to bed and pack away his mess toys, I reclaim the living room and light some candles; 1) to ward off all the bad smell that a toddler can bring and 2) to create this cozy space to aid the winding down process in a much more calming way.

Scented candles are heaven sent and I personally love Airwick Scented Candles as they smell amazing, are easily accessible and usually on sale at the shops. My scent of choice is always French Vanilla. It's classic and timeless. There's a sense of warmth to it which I think is appropriate for cold nights.

Candles can easily create a homely feeling to an area. It also makes a simple table look dolled up like a pair of earrings to an outfit. You can also associate an event/season to a candle scent which has been my thing all these years.

These days companies like Airwick introduces new scents but lately it's all about decorative candles. Gone are the boring plain jars and in with the prints and patterns. My current favourite is the Airwick Multicolour Silhoutte Candle. The jar has this beautiful drawing all around which shows a short comic strip of 2 lovers taking a stroll at the park. When unlit, the jar is chic, monochromatic and very parisian but when it's lit (especially at night time), the whole jar is a whole new level of romantic. It will make you weep from cuteness overload. Or maybe less dramatic.

I mean look at it! It's party on my table The Notebook style. How friggin romantic is that?

The whole jar is lit from within and it gave "life" to the drawings. The colours are beautiful and it changes every second. I mean it's impressive to say the least. It's entertaining!

The smell is heavenly as always and it lingers throughout the night. I don't leave it lit up all night because that's just calling for an accident but I have it lit long enough to keep my home smelling divine. I find that the scent lingers when it's not been used but more so when it's been lit. It makes a home feel very homely.

And oh, I also love lighting candles in my kitchen right after I've cleaned and put things away. It resets the cooking smell I created from my cooking (Filipino food) and replaces it with well in this instance, Lemons. Fresh and Clean!

Let's recap:

Wooly socks, cupcake pjs, Netflix and Scented Candles...those my friends are my essentials for a cozy night.

 If you're from the Southern Hemisphere, hope you are keeping yourself warm and cozy.
And the rest of world, hope you're enjoying sunshine and warm nights!


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