03 March 2015

 Hello lovelies. I have a new lipstick.

 A very spontaneous Back To MAC trip led me to the most coveted lipstick all thanks to #KylieJenner. I was surprised they've got in stock but then again it's Perth.

Prior to the Kardashian-Jenner world domination in all things matte lipsticks big-lips (and big-boobs), there were Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. I loved every makeup and outfit they wore in the show. I wanted the lipsticks, the hair and the rings Phoebe wore. The younger readers of this blog may not know this reference but the oldies like me knows what I am talking about.

So today I am reliving my teenage years in a less awkward makeup look. For starters, I've got a proper base instead of a baby powder - yes you read that right, back in the day my foundation routine involved a baby powder. I've got a matte blush on that I didn't steal from my mum's purse. I've got a liner that doesn't bleed nor give me panda eyes. And let's face it my eyebrows are drawn and shaped.

I feel very nostalgic about this lipstick. It's like a visiting old friend. I am not entirely sure about the entire look though because I've been a pink lipstick girl but I still feel like I belong. I also feel old.

I forgot how a nude matte lipstick can instantly make your lips look bigger than normal. I didn't use any liner because I am a rebel like that. The shade itself is not entirely unique. You can definitely find a dupe for this easy. There are no shortage in the market. I saw some beautiful matte shades from ChiChi Cosmetics that are worth checking. I know Maybelline is coming out with new matte range and I hope it's soon because it's been received so well in Northern America.

Matte is going to be big this winter so get your inner 90s beauty again. Re-hash those days with a vengeance and take lots of selfies.

I wouldn't say go out and buy this very lipstick but I will say go and buy a matte nude lipstick.

Hope your day isn't as hectic as mine!

I'll talk to you soon xx

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