04 March 2015

This in a nutshell is my outfit when I am off (my professional) work. This is my version of The Mummy Outfit.
(MsChikee's) The Mummy Outfit is simply - a t-shirt, a short and a sandal. #boring

What makes it a favourite outfit (or special in my case) is all of the items are from my all time favourite store - Country Road. I have to admit their prices are ridiculous and perhaps maybe that's why I feel glamorous when I wear this ensemble. In saying that I haven't paid full price for any of the items featured in this post because I just couldn't justify the prices for what they are. Luckily when Country Road go on sale they really mean sale prices and then everything becomes justified.

Now here's a secret, I love this outfit so much it has been worn every single weekend. I can't seem to bring myself in wearing dresses and jeans lately. This ensemble is easy and cool enough (as in weather related cool) to run around with a toddler and doing errands. Before you all go disgusted on me, I do own a few of the same linen t-shirts in different colours and same with the shorts that go in rotation. I also do laundry. #justsaying

The latest addition to this ensemble and probably the most loved item would be the Harriet sandals. The colour choices are all beautiful and I was left with the biggest #firstworldproblem of all time. In the end I decided on grey because Grey is huge at the moment and also it's grey.

Again there's nothing special about this outfit. It's not even worthy of a post but I wanted to share the reality of being a mum of a very active toddler - you tend to dress for comfort more than anything and also let's be honest, I really wanted to blog about my sandals. I am inlove with them.

It's a fact that there are some very stylish mums out there that can pull off the best looking outfit and still run around after a todder/s - I am just not one of them. I like comfort and that doesn't always mean stylish. I do like quality clothes too.

That's all my ramble for today.

Tomorrow I'll talk to you about Soap & Glory.

Have great hump day! xx

ps. I need another haircut! 

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