25 March 2015

First Full FOTD selfie that was published in this blog in 2010.

Get a cup of tea, a blanket and sit down comfortably. I am taking you back to when it all started. cue "nostalgic" music.

My makeup curiosity started in 2007 after searching (googling) for purple smokey eyes. The search results listed a few how-to posts but my attention was directed to the YouTube videos. My 27-yr-old self, a late bloomer in all things makeup, discovered the power of haul videos and tutorials. This also marked the downfall of my ability to save up.

First makeup item ever purchased
It's one of those lipsticks in an Avon catalogue. I was 21 and just started working full time and a co-worker brought in a brochure and next thing I know I was ordering 2 lipsticks. I remember both were matte and one was a brick-red-brown shade and the other is dark-red-plum.

First MAC item
I was 23 and a uni student in Australia. A girl in my class asked if she can suggest a powder because I was clearly using a wrong powder or maybe it was the wrong shade. She took me to a MAC counter and told the MUA that I needed a powder. I was coerced into buying Studio Fix Powder Foundation because apparently it's what I needed, a full coverage foundation. I paid AU$35 for that powder and that's like a week's worth of public transport fare. I never liked it. I look like a big giant cake but it doesn't matter because it's MAC.

First MAC/other brand collection
I seriously can't remember which collection. All I know is that I always get the entire collection as soon as it comes out for the fear of missing out. When I hear "Limited Edition", my brain translates it to Shut up and take my money already. I once owned a pastel purple (MAC Lavender Whip) and a really bright blue mineralised eyeshadow. I never once wore them in public.

First High-end Makeup Splurge
It would be NARS Sheer Glow when it first came out in Australia. It used to retail for AU$99 a bottle. I remember thinking I best not used it up because it's so expensive. It's like I am saving my best china for when the queen visits!

First Make Over Experience
This I remember clearly because I blogged about it as soon as I got home - Link! - It was my pre-birthday gift to myself. I signed up for a 10-step makeup lesson at my local Bobbi Brown counter. The lesson took 1-hour and she came up with this (see photo below). I was so disappointed but I was so polite to say anything. I came in hoping for eye contour, multiple shadows, killer blending skills. Nope. All she did was apply a wash of colour and build it up. There was no blending involved. She didn't even fix my eyebrows nor applied blush!! And to top it all, she didn't even set my foundation with a powder! It melted off my face by the time I hit publish on my post. The only good thing about that makeover was the lipstick because it became my wedding lipstick - Link!

First Makeup Brush
It would be MAC 237. It was a very proud moment as it wasn't a knock off from eBay. The said brush is still going strong and still one of my favourites.

First Eyeshadow
I would say Stila Kitten. I searched high and low for that eyeshadow. The chase ended in an eBay purchase with a 100% price markup. #bastards. It just goes to show my idiotic thinking about makeup at that time. To me it wasn't about the price. It was owning one of the most coveted shade. I'd like to think I am smarter now.

First Skincare Investment
It would be the Clinique 3-step. I was a Clinique fan for years. I wouldn't even consider any brand because I was such a snob. In fairness, that's when my skin started clearing up.

First Nail Polish owned
It's a Revlon nail polish and I think it's a discontinued shade now. It's a muddy brown shade and I felt very sophisticated wearing it.

First Fake Tan attempt
This doesn't relate to me as I am already tan so I will change it to - First Skin Bleaching attempt! I was 17 and every single ad on TV was about whitening products and how people will notice you or suddenly becomes your friend as your skin whitens or something like that. I asked my mum if she can buy me a pawpaw soap as it's known for its whitening abilities. I also ask for fresh pawpaw leaves and beat the heck out of it to get the "juice" and I applied all over my body. It was hella itchy. And last but not the least, I bought a whitening cream for the face which worked wonders until I came to Australia and realise how funny I looked.


This post is inspired by Laura of BNBL. Whatever she had listed in her post, I had (or still have) it in my drawers.

ie, "CHI Silk Infusion, Coastal Scents mega palettes, Maybelline Moonlit Mauve mineral blusher, MAC Impassioned, MAC Stark Naked, NARS Sabrina, MAC Lavender Whip, Metro-Chic..." - all because of BNBL

Hope you enjoyed this post!

I tag anyone who is interested in doing this and please leave me the link to your blog in the comments  if you decide to do it :)

Have a great day! xx

ps. In all the makeup hoarding I've done, my lack of skills when it comes to winged eyeliner and contouring are still evident. But in all those years, I found a hobby that enjoy doing very much.

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