09 March 2015

 Hey, I just tried you and this is crazy so here's my money....

Move over Nars Sheer Glow, you've been demoted.

I guess we can be in consensus here that I love this foundation. It's described as:
Delivering sixteen hours of humidity-resistant, full-coverage wear, this innovative foundation is designed to enhance the natural look of skin without masking it. A unique combination of treated pigments and flexible polymers work to create a breathable, weightless feel with complete coverage. The highly blendable formula ensures that skin looks naturally flawless, luminous and polished without caking. - MeccaCosmetica
I got the shade Tahoe (medium-dark with caramel undertone) and it is my perfect shade. I used to be Barcelona but that looks very ashy on me so I am pleased that the MUA in store listened to me. This comes out just a little darker than what I am used to but it matches my face and neck perfectly.

 So let's discuss this foundation:

1) It couldn't be any more mouthful to say the name alone could it. Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation - lots of words and big promises.

2) All Day doesn't really mean 16-hours. My very oily T-zone starts to come out to play maybe 4-5 hours after application. I have to admit that the product stayed on looking fresh on my face for long hours.

3) Full Coverage is a promise that is well delivered. The MUA warned me to only use a pump of the product. And as always, I did 2 pumps on initial use because I just want to see why and the truth is she was right. It is full coverage and it means business. My freckles were gone! One pump of product is more than enough.

Note: You need to shake the bottle really well before use.

4) It has a Soft Matte finish with a gorgeous luminosity to it - yes! I still set my T-zone with a powder but that's personal preference.

5) It feels weightless on the face, better than my Urban Decay Naked Foundation. Once applied, your face doesn't feel sticky. It sets on the skin quickly ready for the next product to be applied. I use my beauty blender to apply and blend the product.

6) Since I got a darker shade, my hands/brushes/sponge are grubbier after every application. I also see random patches of my makeup on my son's face after I kiss him. So just watch your clothes and the faces of the people you kiss.

My Alex drawers have all my foundation hand prints and so as the light switches.

7) The packaging is elegant. I love the tall glass bottle. What I don't like is the lid because it has that rubber texture that NARS products are famous for. Mine already looks sooooo grubby.

8) Try to work the product from the centre of your face outwards.

I would definitely recommend this foundation. It stays on well on skin and it stays fresh throughout the day The pigments in this foundation is intense which makes it an instant favourite. One pump of the product is equivalent to 2-pumps of your regular foundation. I am not even kidding.

It's definitely luminous and dewy so if this is something you're not a fan of then stay away. I tried it with and without a primer and the only difference was my oily T-zone was well managed with a primer. The coverage and longevity on skin were not compromised without a primer.

So go ahead, treat yourself with a new foundation :)

I'll speak to you soon xx

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