05 March 2015

Here's last month's Bellabox. Poor Miranda Kerr has been decapitated but you get the picture, we received a copy of Harper Bazaar's March Issue and a full size Essie Nail Polish.

Essie made this box a little happier and probably my favourite. I was hoping for a more nude polish but this red is so beautiful so I accept with all my heart.

So let's just talk about the polish shall we?

It's a Cherry-Tomatoe-kind of read so there's that orange/warmth to it. Or we can just say it's an Orange-Red. 

Two coats and a rapid dry over coat and voila  - happy looking nails.

Let's finish post with a photo of my favourite cup. That's ze Toddler when he was a tiny crying baby. There will be dozens of this cup to be made on his 21st, that's for sure.

Hope you're all having a great day!

I'm currently trying out the a new foundation and hope to blog about it next week. You probably know about it already from my Instagram anyway. 

Talk to you soon xx

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