12 February 2015

New Year came and new years resolutions were made and here we are, a new brand of skin care that is making my skin (extremely) happy.

I know I am late to this party. I've made some really poor choices on skincare after I had ze Toddler. My skin changed from glowing-pregnant-skin to no-glow-and-over-tired. My skin type unknown and I couldn't be arsed. 

And then a combination of New Year's Resolutions, Priceline sales, and Adore Beauty online shopping (thanks to Amy of Bottled Beauty) came a new found love - NUXE.

The plan was to get back to doing 1) cleanse, 2) tone and 3) moisturise with the addition of a serum and a lip balm.

So here's what I got:

Serum Creme Fraiche de Beaut - A lovely serum raved by so many beauty bloggers. And now I understand why this is a favourite. It looks like creme fraiche hence the name. It's light and instantly sinks in your skin giving you the hydration you needed after cleansing and toning. It delivers what you want from a serum. There is unique scent to it that reminds me of my grandma.

Creme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream - The promise of Anti-fatigue was enough for me. There's always that one co-worker that tells me I look tired when I am not or worst when I am dolled up. I have to say that since the beginning of use of this wonderful product, that co-worker hasn't said anything about looking tired. Coincidence? This cream is beautiful on the skin. It's non-greasy and easily absorbed leaving my skin smooth and hydrated.

Contour des Yeux Prodigieuse Eye Cream - I needed an eye cream and this was in the same Anti-fatigue range and that was enough reason. #sold I don't mind this cream. It's not HG but it does the job and like its sister moisturiser, it's non-greasy and is easily absorbed in the skin. It's a great base for my concealer too so I am really pleased.

Creme Prodigieuse Nuit - This is my favourite of the lot. It's rich but non-greasy. I apply this on at night and wake up to a beautiful, smooth and healthy looking skin.

The Prodigieuse range has a very strong powdery scent which I don't mind at all but if this is not your thing then you will probably would steer away.

And oh the lip balm which I already talked about here.


I am a happy camper and for the first time I feel like staying loyal to this brand which is a big call. It's seriously good stuff and I would recommend it a 100%. There is something about that is simple yet (very) effective. It's not overpriced compared to its competitors and online shopping always got some discount codes floating around. Hands down this is one of the most effective brand I tried from the drugstore.

Have you tried this brand? What are you thoughts? Which is your favourite?

ps. It is "Newks" or "Nuh-ks" (like Luxe)

I'll speak to you soon and I'll talk about the cleanse and tone part of my routine xx

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