19 February 2015

I've changed up my skincare routine including my cleansers and my skin is one happy camper.
I am currently loving my new and improved skincare routine. I've changed up everything from serums to cleansers. If you can remember my post - Link! - I promised to share what cleansers I am using.

So, let's get crackin'

Keeping with the French theme that's currently going on with my routine, I've picked up Avene Cleanance Toner. It's a purifying and mattifying toner great for combo to oily skin. I have gone off toners for a while out of laziness and I have to say this is lovely "welcome back" purchase. I love the scent of all things which does nothing on the skin but it reminds of cherry blossoms and sakuras make me happy. The toner itself is very gentle and it does mattify my skin but not dry. I can't really fault this at the moment.

Next up is Dr Lewinn's Cleansing Oil.You can compare this to Shu Uemura's Cleansing oil and any other cleansing oils really but this is less greasy on application. It takes every single makeup off and it rinses off well too. No gritty / greasy feeling afterwards. I use this around my eyes and I am not entirely sure it's OK but it removes my waterproof mascara so well so win-win.

And lastly,my favourite of the lot, Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser. This is game changer in the cleansing department. Let's start with scent, it's described as "apple and cardamon" but to me this smells like the DIY hair colour boxes you buy in the chemists but maybe less irritating. So ignore the weird smell. The cleanser is amazing. It has kicked my Neutrogena 2-in-1 Mask/Cleanser out of the picture completely. Gone. I no longer need it to keep my breakouts at bay. Perhaps it's the manuka honey in the cleanser that does it and the Kiwi fruit but my skin is pimple free at the moment and looking much healthier. I can't say enough praises for this little gem, you need it in your life.

That's my ramble for today. Antipodes is having 20% off sale at Priceline at the moment if you are keen to try this. #justsaying

Hope you are having a great day and if you're celebrating CNY then Happy Chinese New Year to you! May this year bring you prosperity, love and good health ahead.

Speak soon xx

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