25 February 2015

My StrawberryNet experience is freaking amazing and it was a given that I have to blog about it.
So a few weeks ago I gave them my monies for some amazing skin care products - Link!. They were kind enough to include 3 deluxe samples with my order.

They sure know how to keep a customer and I applaud them. They are probably the first company who sent me deluxe size samples with an order. None of the ladidah packaging in a small-itty-bitty size that will keep you wondering if the product is worth buying because you didn't have enough to try or something. Sure it's the marketing tactic to keep you curious enough to buy a full size but I think a deluxe size is much better.

The Cath Kidston hand cream is still untouched and unopened. The packaging is just too pretty I ain't opening it yet. And the Calvin Klein eyeshadow pot is still sealed and unopened. Out of the lot I am more excited about the Ultra Flesh Ninja Star 18 Karat Gold Dual Finish Moisturising powder in Suffused.

There are not much reviews online that will make me want to run and buy it so I am pleased that this was part of the samples. I think it's like the Hourglass ambient lighting powders. What intrigued me the most was the Ninja Star that is on the cover of the compact. 1) it's Gold-Plated and 2) You can detach the star and put the string (that came in the box) and wear it as necklace.

You won't see me sporting a ninja star necklace just yet but I am looking forward to using the powder. I do hope the shade works for me otherwise this will be another ornament on display unless someone wants it.

If you haven't tried buying from StrawberryNet then you have to this instant.

I'll speak to you soon xx

PS. This is not a sponsored post. I am just really pleased with the goodies I received. I am just grateful.

What a boring post hahahaha

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