RIMMEL PROVOCALIPS - Kiss me you fool

04 February 2015



Move over L'Oreal Infallible I found the next best thing and she's cheaper than you and much more lovely on the lips. Meet Rimmel Provocalips.
Yup! You've heard (read) that right sisters, this is officially my Holy Grail long lasting lipstick and my dear friends, You need it in your life big time

It's a 2-step process that's guaranteed colour on your lips for hours.

Let's discuss, shall we?

1. This is super pigmented. Opaque if you want me to be specific.

2. It's glossy and you can re-apply the gloss that comes with it throughout the day if you want.

3. It's amazing on the lips! None of those tight-feel-dry-yucky lips throughout the day.

4. It stays put on the lips for hours and hours. It won't move unless you wipe your lips with oil. hehe

5. It won't budge even after drinking and eating. I repeat, even after eating and drinking**

6. Did you read number 5? 

7. No transfers on anyone or anything. I can kiss ze Toddler without having to wipe lipstick marks. It doesn't leave lipstick marks on my cups and glasses - now ze Husband doesn't know it's mine *evil laugh*. I can try on white clothes in the shops without the fear of ruining it. I can kiss ze Husband without sharing the lipstick. It's just awesome.

8. It's easily accessible and there are amazing shades. The darker shades are proving to be better than the nude ones. I mean if you want budge-proof lipstick then go for the bolder / brighter one but hey the nudes are pretty too.

9. No scent!

10. There are countless great reviews on the interwebs who feel the same as I do about this wonderful lipstick. I am dead serious.

**Oily food can shorten the longevity of this lipstick. In saying that, to remove this lipstick you need an oil based cleanser or coconut oil or any oil really.

Rimmel claims 16 hours but I'd say maybe a good 7-8 hours before it starts (slightly) feathering out but that's still a lot of hours per day.

Here's a lip swatch for you to entice you some more - the shade is Kiss Me You Fool (500) which is a warmer red perfect for Valentine's (if you celebrate that, I do). 

I currently own 2 shades and I am hoping to get Little Minx which is a bright pink and then I am done (maybe).

I swear this lipstick is amazeballs. You need it in your life!

Hope I've enabled you enough :)

Talk to you soon xx