20 February 2015

Isn't it amazing to find an old favourite when you shop your stash? I've been going down memory lane reminiscing that feeling when I first bought it many moons ago.
I have rekindled my love affair with MAC Patina - an old favourite and possibly one of the popular MAC eye shadows ever. It's a lovely muted (neutral) gold eye shadow that is lovely on it's own or blended with another colour. I apply this all over my lid for a wash of colour and to create that subtle (daytime) smokey look.

The look is soft and it's perfect for day or night. If I am not mistaken there was a time when this was the "wedding eye shadow" (thinking of Pixiwoo's - Nic's makeup look for her wedding) and every "wedding makeup" video has this in the list.

I seriously would recommend this if  you are going to buy anything from MAC or if you're building up an eye shadow palette. It works on any skintone and like I said it can be used on its own or as a base colour for another shadow. It works well with MAC Espresso or MAC Wedge or MAC Texture.

As you can see only MAC Patina all over thanks to my monolid. I've come to a conclusion that smokey eyes is the way to go for my monolids. I do the occasional crease colour to open up my eyes but really it doesn't show unless I look surprised.

What's your favourite MAC Eye shadow?

Speak Soon xx

PS. I am wearing L'Oreal Colour Riche in Velvet Rose.

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