02 February 2015

These are my new favourite nail combo.
Sophistication in a bottle, yes, that's what OPI Bubble Bath is to me. I first saw this in David Jone's Instagram account during the race seasons last year. I immediately added it to my wishlist and with my lucky stars at hand, this very shade was part of a travel pack on sale on board during our honeymoon cruise.

It was a given, no thinking required I have to have it moment and it was mine. The milkiness of it with the hint of pastel pink screams girly yet polished. It's what I would have worn at my wedding if only I knew about this shade.

The shade is timeless and ageless which makes it a staple if you must. I do 3 coats to get that even shade because it can become quite streaky and I think it's mostly due to my lack of painting skills. The RapiDry top coat works wonders because it cuts down drying time in half even with multiple coats.

This is my go to shade if I didn't want to over-think how my nail polish would clash with my outfit. This is definitely a nude that I would continue to love over and over again.

Have you met OPI Bubble Bath yet?

Hope you're having a great day! xx

Speak soon lovelies!

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