15 February 2015

Here's how my Giant Valentine weekend unfolded. Warning: Photo-heavy

It started with a surprise bouquet of flowers from ze Husband and ze Toddler the day before Valentines.

Then we went to see The Giants who were visiting my lovely City of Perth. See the story about these (gentle) Giants on Perth Festival - Link!

Meet the Diver.

These puppeteers were amazing. At one point I was much more amazed by their movements rather than the Diver.

My favourite part when they lifted the Diver over the bridge while playing the "Mission Impossible" theme song. It was truly an impossible mission but the teamwork was mind-blowing.

As you can see, the crowd was incredibly huge. The heat wasn't entirely pleasant and the delayed start didn't help either but as soon as The Diver was woken up, everything just went from dull to spectacular.

I was particularly emotional when all the puppeteers went to work to get the Diver walking and I can only put it to 2 reasons,

1) It's been a long wait and it was really warm and no shade or covering where we stood except from a very tall Irish couple who brought their umbrella. They were kind enough to keep me and ze Toddler under their umbre-la-ela-ela 
2) ze Toddler was in deep sleep in my arms and he missed the entire thing.

My sleeping prince.
Now for OOTD - I dressed not to impress but to stay cool. 

Linen Top: Country Road (last season)
Linen Shorts: Witchery - Old, 2 years ago
Slides: Target Australia (Link!)

I think I am officially inlove with Slides. A little late in the season I know but if you are coming to Spring / Summer, I think this is still one of the "In" shoes. I have my eye on another pair from Country Road called Harriet Sandals. It will be mine one day.

The whole experience was not entirely pleasant (mainly because of the heat) but I am very happy that we were able to see the Giants. Our teamwork as partners and parents surprised us both.

It's also good to see my lovely city is coming out of her shell and becoming more and more alive. I love taking ze Toddler to events like these despite the chaos that accompanies it. It's all part of the experience and in the end you take the good and leave the bad behind.

We concluded the night with a lovely candlelit dinner at home. ze Husband and I ordered takeaway from our favourite Fish N Chips and Indian shops and then watched not 1 but 2 RomCom movies of my choice. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend xx

ps. The Giants have left Perth today and looking at the photos on Perth Festival's Instagram account - Link! - it was an emotional goodbye.

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