11 February 2015

I did the test - Link! - and the results says J Lo's Nude and here she is.

There's nothing like opening a brand new lipstick. The excitement is a mood booster and makeup application becomes the highlight of your morning. I, of course had to wait for a few days before using this little nude lippie because you know I needed to take a photo for the blog.

This collection just recently hit the Australian shores and to be honest I didn't even think of getting any until I received a Priceline voucher. These vouchers are such enablers and often than not I feel the need to quickly use it before it expires.

I had this in mind but wasn't sure which one to get. I initially wanted Julianne Moore's shade because it's pink but after taking the test, results showed J Lo so I had to oblige.

The shade is very J Lo if you know what I mean. The swatch on my hand looked sheer peachy nude but it's a whole different ballgame on my lips. It's a beautiful nude no doubt but it's more a night-time / going out kind of nude. Imagine a really beautiful dark, smokey eyes with lots of lashes, contoured cheeks and some golden highlights on the cheekbones AND this lipstick = J Lo moment.

I am going on a night out in a few days and I will awaken the inner-JLo in me using this lipstick. Here's hoping I can pull it off! #wishmeluck

Now on to the blog, as you can see Mschikee had a bit of a makeover. This has been the longest running project in my To-Do list. It's now done and I feel lighter. I am very excited about the future of this blog and hope you are too!

Hope you're having a fantastic day/night xx

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