06 February 2015

"Molecule 01 fragrance from Escentric Molecules smells so good, every man, woman & child in a 5-mile radius will wanna know your secret. Remember the old Impulse ads? This is even better." -

Let's cut the chase, I didn't have that "Impulse" ad experience that they said I will (definitely) have. I am now convinced that this whole bottle is a marketing gimmick to get people interested enough to go buy it. 

I've obsessed about this for weeks. The voice in my head told me sure this was a gimmick of some sort because how is a 1 chemical ingredient perfume be this popular? I read countless blog reviews and while majority says "it smells nothing" there were a good percentage of reviewers vouching for it as THE BEST perfume out there. I wanted to be part of that minority!

So I went to my local Mecca Maxima to suss this fragrance out. I sprayed it like I own it. I take my research seriously. Left the store and walked around the mall waiting for anybody to say "OMG what perfume are you wearing?" but nada. I couldnt' even smell it on myself the second I left the store. At this point I was certain that the tester I had was a dud. Yes, you read that right, I am blaming the tester.

I then hounded my friends to be intrigued enough to go and test it on themselves because I need more test subjects. My Lovely R who is currently in the UK went out to do her "research" and reported back with "I can smell it on me!". My dear friends, that is enough for me to officially put it on my wishlist.

Move to present day, Lovely R sent me a bottle of this perfume as my Christmas present. How amazing is Lovely R? she's awesome. She's so sweet really. Anyway...... 


It's now been a while since I started using this perfume. The hope of it becoming the best bottle in my collection is now just a memory, more like a statement, a false one. It never became a reality.

There is that woody/musky scent on initial spritz and then gone in a few minutes, at least to my humble nose it is. No one ever commented on "scent" so that only means no one can smell it on me OR maybe it smells horrible on me that people are just polite about it. 

Some bloggers said it's best layered with either a scented lotion or another perfume. I tried both methods and I got nada. The scent life on you is so short you're left with what you layered on.

I know Escentric Molecules said it's more what other people can smell on you. It also smells different on every one so it's like having your own distinct smell, call it your signature scent. I guess my natural scent is so blah I really need a proper perfume. 

Would I recommend it? Not really. Perhaps don't buy it blindly. This needs to be tested out on your skin first and see how you feel about it. If you're my family/friend/neighbour come and find me and I will spray this on you to test.

I wish it worked on me. Having said that I will continue to play with this perfume until one day I've exhausted every possible combination there is for it to smell heavenly on me.

Have you tried this perfume? What do you think??

Speak soon! xx

Thank you to my lovely R for the sweetest gift, You are the sweetest. I miss you!


  1. Actually, I never use Escentric Molecules before. I searched it on Fragrantica and I think the notes are really good, it last long and the Sillage is moderate. I think I will try this one out. Thanks for sharing this review.

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