THE ONE ABOUT DRY SHAMPOOS - Batiste vs Garnier Fructis Pure Volume

14 January 2015

Battle of the dry shampoos. Guess who won?

I have a thing for dirty hair - I hate them. The second day hair for me is considered (very) dirty - I hate it. I hate the feeling of oily hair. I hate the look of oily hair. I can smell it even though other people can't.

Let's justify this for a bit ok? I'm not really a clean freak, I promise. But I grew up in a culture where you wash your hair every day, sometimes twice a day. Oily hair was a no go and people will judge you for it. No Kidding.

Move to present day, I've been told so many times by hairdressers that I shouldn't wash my hair everyday. And as much as I've become accustomed to that idea, I still hate second day hair and third day hair is the worst. I would put up my hair in those unwashed days until one day I discovered dry shampoos.

I've only tried Batiste before and while it makes my oily roots not oily, it was a love-hate relationship with the brand.

I love it because:

  • refreshes second-day hair
  • smells amazing
  • choice for brunette/dark hair is available so none of those white powdery marks on the roots
  • easily accessible
I hate it because:
  • it makes my hair limp (even the XXL ones)
  • it feels heavy on the hair.
  • it doesn't give any texture to my hair.
  • makes my fingers dirty when I run through my hair (the brunette ones)
  • it feels sticky / waxy (that I usually end up putting my hair up)
So the hunt for a dry shampoo continues. When I've learned about Garnier Fructis Pure Volume Dry Shampoo from one of the Beauty Gurus - might have been Pixiwoos or Essie Button but one of them - I put in my list to try. I was really after Oribe Dry Shampoo because of the raves but it's just so hard to ship aerosol products to Australia so Garnier it is. 

And OH-EM-GEE I have found my dry shampoo. So long sucker Batiste I say.

Why I love it Garnier Fructis Pure Volume Dry Shampoo:
  • It refreshes my hair
  • It's light on the hai - none of those waxy heavy feeling
  • It's definitely volumising and if I run my fingers through my hair it messes it up in a good way and still keep the volume.
  • Texture, Texture, texture! I can already imagine the goodness it will bring once I cut my hair shorter
  • It doesn't make my hair crunchy
  • It doesn't make fingers dirty too
  • No grey power marks on my hair
  • Smells very fresh
But as much as I love this product, I still draw the line at day 2 hair. There will be instances (for sure) when I will be sporting day 3 or even 5 (cringe!) hair but that should be dealt with when the time comes. For now I am happy that I can enjoy and let my (day 2 ) hair down for a change.

Here's some experiments I tried on my day 2 hair. I sprayed the Garnier Dry Shampoo on the right side of my hair and Batiste on the left. You can see the lift and volume on the right and bleh on the left.

There you go, the longest ramble about dry shampoo!

Hope your week is treating you well :)

Speak Soon xx


  1. Thanks for the review and comparison. I've got some batiste to use next actually. Finishing off some Expensive Klorane.

    SSG xxxx

    1. How do you find Klorane? I've been meaning to test that brand but it always intimidates me! hahah


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