15 January 2015

Another chop and I blame Pinterest! It seems like the way to go is - Obsess on another blogger's hair, search pinterest, book hairdresser, chop. (and repeat).

I have been feeling a lot better (emotionally) but I still find that I needed something new to properly kick start my new year. I've been browsing Pinterest and found a lot of inspiration. This recent haircut wasn't about complete makeover but more on the length. I've had long hair for the longest time and I thought it's time for something shorter than what I would opt for.

I know it's not that different but trust me this is short for me and I think I'll stop right here. Any more shorter than this will send me back to 1997 and no way Jose I'll sport that do again. ever.

If you check my previous post when I coloured my hair - Link! - then you'll see the difference. Also, just a little bit of information for you, I don't have the longest neck but with the power of V-necks I make the illusions happen. So trust me when I say this is shorter than before.

The inspiration for this hairdo is Sara of Harper and Harley. Isn't she gorgeous?

The people that cut my hair this time the ladies from K Three G in Perth. They are Korean hairdresser and I have been going to them for haircuts for like forever. They know Asian hair like no other. If you're from Perth then try them - number is 08 9325 5110.

Here's to a wonderful rest of the week and a fantastic weekend ahead.

And if you're curious about my lipstick - it's Tumultuous Pink from the Estee Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting Lipstick range.

Speak to you soon xx


  1. So gorgeous!! Your hair looks so healthy and shiny :)

    1. thank you! it's currently unhealthy and i am losing so much but i was given a treatment and I am still yet to find out if it's working.

  2. It looks great! I've been thinking about cutting my hair that length too, it's the perfect length, not too long and not too short.

    1. do it! hahaha it will grow out again ;-) (im trying to enable you hahah)


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