26 January 2015

Bonjour mes amis! Je ai découvert un nouveau trésor, un nouveau favori!

Ok it's not really my discovery but more like a blogger's recommendation, better yet make that bloggers worldwide.

I first heard of this maybe last year but I never really paid attention. Then it became so blog-popular but I still didn't bat an eyelash even when it became available in Priceline.

I put it down to not being able to read the packaging despite the English translation. French Skincare intimidates me. If it wasn't for Essie Button then I wouldn't even really consider it. I had my money on By Terry Baume de Rose but it's been like years since I've said that and I don't see it happening.

But this (French) drugstore brand is again proving that the French knows their skincare.

This little pot of goodness went to bed with me last night. As suggested by bloggers worldwide, it's best used at night and you're guaranteed a soft-kissable lips when you wake up. They didn't lie.

This little pot of goodness means business. It's rich and very moisturising. It stays on your lips all night doing its job. It's a little heavy to be using during day especially if you've got lipstick on. It smells of honey but not the sickeningly sweet one.

The glass packaging is part-sophisticated and part-annoying. If this drops on your bathroom tiles then that's it. But I like it. It feels very adult and sophisticated on my bedside table or maybe simply because it's French.

As part of my New Year's Resolution, I aim to use this every single night. My lips are the second body part that I usually neglect, first being my feet but it is going to change now, this year.

These French skincare, they really know their stuff.

Hope you're having a nice day! xx

If you're looking for a rich lip balm that will not disappoint then try this one, the bloggers worldwide said so *wink*


  1. I agree about using this at night. It's too gritty to be used in the day, especially underneath lipstick.

    I've just started using a Nuxe moisturiser and it's wonderful!! I'm wanting to buy more of their skincare at the next 40% off Priceline skincare sale.

    I also love the Mecca Overnight Lip Balm. It has more of an oil based consistency and always leaves my lips so soft!

    1. That's now my plan. i already get intimidated by anything French skincare but I really want to try them. Which moisturiser are you using?

    2. so i've been listing now what I want. gosh i wish the 40% sale comes soon becuase I am almost out of my skincare!!! hahaha i think i am jumping in and going for the lot (serum, day and night creme and eye cream!).


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