08 January 2015

I've been using this serum and moisturiser combo for the past month or so and I think it's time to talk about it.

This is part of the winning prize I received when I won that L'Oreal Ombre hair competition 2 years ago -  Link!. Initially, I've decided not to use it because I've always been a snob when it comes to skincare from the drugstore range. There are some great ones out there for sure but nothing that really wowed me in the last few years and this remains the case even after trying the L'Oreal Youth Code Luminosity.

What I think about it? It's a DECENT range. It is hydrating as promised; The new packaging is very chic; The serum is light and my skin absorbs it well; it makes my skin very smooth and soft and the same with the moisturiser; this is actually way better then the Olay range I was trying before; this is non-greasy and it a great base for makeup. So really it's not all bad.

What's disappointing is the luminosity bit. It felt like it was only evident on the first week of use and then it under-performed. It didn't improve any of the pigmentation on my cheeks and I counted my freckles (yes a saddo you say) - I still has the same number of freckles maybe more.

With that in note, I don't see myself purchasing this in the future, I think this is suited more for younger skin. My skin need more now from a serum and a moisturiser aka I am old. But in the mean time, it serves as my daily moisturiser and serum combo but once it's finished then I would be venturing out to something else. I have my eye on Kiehl's and Elemis at this point so we'll see.

Have you tried this range? what do you think?

Speak to you soon xx


  1. I have a Youth Code moisturizer with the black lid. Really happy with it for the price. I tend to use it in between my Kiehl's stuff.

    SSG xxx

    1. oohh can you recommend a kiehl's moisturiser??


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