05 January 2015



Hands down my new favourite finishing powder of all time.  It's not new to the market but it took me this long to get it. Why? Well when it first came out I was overwhelmed by the idea of it. I mean how many lighting powders do you need? How do you know which one is for you? They all said each and every shade will work on any skintone and while it's all a marketing spiel and partly true, I still want to be sure of my choice. 

This palette is a good starting point if you're not sure which one to go for. I am usually the kind where I'd go ask the makeup artist what she'd recommend then go home and google the heck out of it until I make my decision. But this palette is made for the indecisive like me. The decision is made for me and let's just say.. Good Job Hourglass! Good Job! 

(L-R): Dim Light, Incandescent Light, Radiant Light
So let's discuss:

These powders are amazing and I am very impressed at how natural these all look on my skin. My favourite is Dim Light -  it is a neutral peach beige which blurs (yes, BLURS!) imperfection. It gives my skin that softness and perfect finish but without looking I've got anything on. It's amazing on photos and in person! What sold me the most is that on the pan it looks like glitter galore but on skin it's next to nothing. You can't even find one speck of glitter / sheen but still your skin looks glowing. If there is one powder I'd like to use for the rest of my beauty-shenanigans then this would be it. Dead.serious.

My next favourite is Radiant Lighting -  this is meant give you that sunkissed glow. I am naturally tanned and you would think everyday is Jlo glow kind of day for me. Wrong. There are days that I look pale (yes it can happen) and there are days that I just needed an extra oomph for that coveted summer glow. This is my powder for the job. It doesn't add too much colour on me but it adds glow sans the glitters/sheen. It's a i've been at the beach in a powder form. It's not orange and it's not muddy. It.is.simply.gorgeous.

The other shade - Incandescent Light is exclusive to this palette and while it's a lovely highlighter shade I am not head-over-heels about it but it is one of the best highlighters out there.

I am smitten and I will get a full size of Dim Light for sure. You really have to try it on your skin and see for yourself. There's something about that is just amazing.

Have you tried ambient lighting powders? Which one is your favourite?

Hope your day is not a scorching hot as mine. We peaked at 44.4C (112F). Yup, hot.

Speak soon xx


  1. I'm so tempted to get this, but I really don't know how much I'll use it. Instead I bought the blush palette, as I knew I'd use that a lot more.

    1. I wanted the blush palette but the woman at Mecca said it's only limited edition and it is now long gone. booohooo it's true, i snoozed and i lost
      i will live through your palette experience ;-)



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