Estee Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting Lipstick (Part 2)

02 January 2015

Santa's been very kind and generous to me over the holidays. My constant hinting and blatant emailing of links and not to mention the wishlist I kept on putting in this blog paid off and Santa got me more shades from my new favourite range of lipsticks! Winning!

My love for the Estee Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting lipsticks is growing. I scoured every single duty-free shops in every airport I had a stop over during my recent trip home and still came up empty handed. All the colours I wanted were either sold-out or the entire range is just simply out of stock. I mean what's the deal with that? So imagine my glee when these lovely tubes were unwrapped on Christmas morning. I was just over the moon.

This is from the Estee Lauder Christmas gift set that Myer had and here's a secret - It's currently on sale and has limited stocks in store. It has 4 shades - Envious, Tumultuous Pink, Desirable and Dynamic.

These are tiny tubes, more like sample sizes, but it's the best size to have if you want to try different shades. Here you'll see the size difference and in all honesty, I prefer the small ones because it is small enough for a much more precise application. I do miss the magnetic feature of the full size packaging but other than that the quality, pigmentation and formulation are the same.

If I were to pick one negative thing about these lipsticks then it would be the actual product in the tube is not too secure in place and because it's very creamy it moves and it hits the sides of the tube during application.  The current heat wave we're having is not helping either and I will probably mangle these lipsticks in its tubes before summer ends.

Here's some lip swatches for you. Let's start with Desirable. This was probably the first on my list because Laura of BuyNowBlogLater told me I need it in my life and who am I to defy that from the number 1 enabler. I am glad this shade was in the set and I didn't buy it full size because I don't think this pinky-nude is my kind of nude. It looks divine on the tube and possibly on fairer, more rosy skin tone but not for me. It looks like a slab of concealer on my lips if I apply it without exfoliating my lips. It's great a nude but not one that I will go for. I can definitely make it work if I mix it with another shade just give it some colour or warmth.

Next one is Envious. This is a very beautiful warm red. My skin looks brighter and healthier when this is on my lips. Best part is the formulation of this range is so amazeballs you don't need a lip liner. The product hugs your lips and stays there keeping you all pretty and sexy.

This one of my favourite of all the bunch - Dynamic. This is my lips but better shade and I can see myself purchasing a full size tube when my tiny tube is done. The shade of pink makes me happy! It's a dream to apply and even if I do apply it a maniac, the colour payoff is still beautiful. They.are.amazing. Enough Said.

And last but not the least, Tumultuous Pink. How is that for a name? It's a slightly warmer Fuschia-pink shade with just small amounts of blue in it. Most of my fuschia-like lipsticks are cool toned and it comes out too strong sometimes on my skin tone. Tumultuous Pink is a bright shade but it's also softer (if that makes sense) compared to other hot-pinks. There's something about it that is less-on-your-face kind of bright. I would say that this is just a friendlier version MAC Girl About Town.

And that's my rave once again about these lipsticks. I swear I am going for more shades.

Have you tried these lipsticks? You really need it in your life. Just Saying.

I'll speak to you soon xx

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