10 January 2015

Another day, another gel nail polish.

I have been longing for a new polish for what feels like forever and so I made a quick trip to my ever so reliable Priceline.

The (not so) new Covergirl XL Gel Polish caught my attention. I saw this lovely shade and I felt the shade is unique enough to say I don't have anything like it.  It's true.

I can't find any info on the Covergirl Australia page but with some Googling - it says

Get a gel-like look without the salon hassle with XL Nail Gel's thick, plump polish formula. No UV light required, one coat gives you all of the reflective shine and intense color you crave for up to 7 days.

I got the shade Rotund Raspberry. Looking at the bottle it is fuschia-like tipping more on the purple side but on the nails it's crossed between raspberry and aubergine. Uniquely beautiful.


I love it!
There something about it that is very serious. The name itself is serious, Rotund Raspberry. I guess because it's so pigmented and intense you only need 1 coat and that's it. There is no time to muck around. I applied the first coat and I thought to myself this is done so that's it? Second coats are normally the deal breaker or saving grace when deciding if a polish is good or bad but there was no second coat needed with this one. I felt like I've been robbed of a second coat. Imagine a keen child at school with full of expectations about the school work for the day then the teacher says you're done for the day, that's it. And the child goes home feeling unsatisfied.

Are you still with me? I am still talking about the nail polish. I could've added a second coat, just saying I didn't need to.

It's intensely shiny without a top coat on and the colour payoff is amazing. I tried a second coat on one fingernail and there is no difference. It dries very quickly too. It has a different scent, nothing like your normal nail polish but it doesn't really matter, does it?

The chipping starts around day 5 for me but then again dishes and bathing a toddler ruin your nails. #firstworldproblems

I would give this 4 out 5 if we're talking stars and I would get another shade. I was hoping they would carry some nudes but maybe in future releases.

Some close ups for you in different lightings to show how it looks like Aubergine and raspberry.

I love that the drugstore brands are releasing Gel polishes because as much as I love getting pampered in salons and getting my manicure done professionally, it's such a pain to remove the salon gel polishes and the UV light thingy scares me.

Hope your weekend has been lovely.

I'll speak to you soon xx


  1. Very pretty! I have this formula in a blue and a yellow but haven't tried it out yet. By the time my 3 year old is asleep, I'm too tired to paint my nails!

    1. hahaha me too. if i wasn't working i wouldn't make an effort hahah or make that, if i wasn't blogging i wouldn't make a effort painting my nails haha


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