PRICELINE HAUL - 40% off Skincare (and more)

29 January 2015

So it happened, Priceline once again lured me to all good things skincare with their 40% sale. I went and I hauled.


26 January 2015

Bonjour mes amis! Je ai découvert un nouveau trésor, un nouveau favori!


23 January 2015

I've been enjoying my new Long Bob and here are my favourite hairstyles!


21 January 2015

It's time to Reveal (see what I did there?) why I love the new Coastal Scents Revealed Palette!


20 January 2015

These items completed my OOTD.


15 January 2015

Another chop and I blame Pinterest! It seems like the way to go is - Obsess on another blogger's hair, search pinterest, book hairdresser, chop. (and repeat).

THE ONE ABOUT DRY SHAMPOOS - Batiste vs Garnier Fructis Pure Volume

14 January 2015

Battle of the dry shampoos. Guess who won?


12 January 2015

I am currently inlove with eveything in Country Road at the moment. I want everything! I think the fact the a new store has opened where I am is encouraging me to visit them more often. I just love how everything feels clean and crisp. The pieces are somewhat understated but still classy and sophisticated. I just love the shop.

I am currently in love with their Linen V-Neck T-shirts and have been for a while but the current sales are awesome. This Linen T-shirt comes in different colours and all of them are beautiful. The material is just lovely and it wears well and it washes well too. It's best for our kind of weather. It's casual and you can dress it up or down and still look decent. Definitely a key-piece in your wardrobe. There is a Grey colour but it's not on sale so I'll be waiting. That's the thing as well, when it comes to this brand, I can't bring myself to pay full-price so I've always been waiting for the sales.

I should take a proper photo.. promise I will :)


10 January 2015

Another day, another gel nail polish.


08 January 2015

I've been using this serum and moisturiser combo for the past month or so and I think it's time to talk about it.


05 January 2015



TAKING STOCK #2 - New Year Edition

03 January 2015

Making : New Years Resolutions list (day 3 into the New Year, whatevs)

Cooking : nothing because I've been cooking over the holidays and this weekend is my much awaited kitchen break. I am not sure how is that going to be possible though with the ze Toddler but it's free to dream isn't it?

Drinking : A strong Cappuccino

Reading: The Woman who Stole my Life by Marian Keyes. This author is really funny. I can't stop laughing because I hear myself in the all the one-liners she wrote in this book.

Wanting: Another baby. OK, I've said it.

Looking: forward to another holiday. I am not sure when but I am already looking forward to it.

Playing: as a "Minimalist" in my wardrobe organisation project. I'm culling all the skinny clothes and all the pre-mummy dresses because let's face it, deep-V dresses are not for my boobies anymore. My girls lost the plot. They've succumbed to gravity.

Wasting: time worrying about nothing (as always)

Sewing: nothing because my other sewing project failed due to time management. I will get there.

Wishing: for happiness and peace between my extended families.

Enjoying: Co-sleeping so much even though I get kicked, slapped and headbutted. ze Toddler is growing so fast and soon he won't like my cuddles and kisses but for now I take what I can get.

Waiting: patiently for a miracle.

Liking: the idea of shopping for a new purse. I found what I like but I couldn't fork out that price tag so I am looking for another designer/brand. Wish me luck!

Wondering: If I'll finish T25 this time around. I should finish T25 this time around. No more excuses.

Loving: the family time we're having right now.

Hoping: for baby. There I've said it again.

Marvelling: at how ze Toddler speaks words now and putting phrases together. He's so clever but then again I am his mum.

Needing: a brow makeover so bad.

Smelling: Chloe perfume

Wearing: PJs

Following: the blogsteps of my favourite bloggers - be funny and entertaining (I try though).

Noticing: new freckles on my cheeks. Age or sun spots - I hate it. I am no Lucy Liu after all.

Knowing: I have my family and friends makes me feel very lucky.

Thinking: of how to make our back garden look more cozy and pretty. I want a food tray as a centrepiece but I want it glossy white. Is that hard to find? It is.

Feeling: sad. Sad about my dad.

Bookmarking: a lot of cupcake recipes so when I finally get my standalone mixer I will create all these cupcakes.

Opening: old photo albums and seeing my parents and how happy they were together makes me smile.

Giggling: at my current obsession of smelling my underarm first thing in the morning.

Feeling: hopeful that 2015 will bring more blessings, happiness, money and maybe a baby or babies if we're that lucky.

Other things in my resolutions list (related to my blog):

1. Buy less crap and more key pieces when it comes to clothes.

2. Drink more water and try lemon water in room temperature instead of ice-cold. I can do this.

3. Strictly apply eye cream every day and night.

4. Find a good skin care routine and stick to it for a year.

5. Blog regularly and maybe enrol in some creative writing courses to improve my writing skills.

Once again, I hope you had a lovely time during the holidays and may all your resolutions be fulfilled this year!

Much love to all xx

Estee Lauder Pure Envy Sculpting Lipstick (Part 2)

02 January 2015

Santa's been very kind and generous to me over the holidays. My constant hinting and blatant emailing of links and not to mention the wishlist I kept on putting in this blog paid off and Santa got me more shades from my new favourite range of lipsticks! Winning!

New Year, New Hair...

01 January 2015

Colour that is! I am back!

First of all, Happy New year lovelies! Hope 2014 was kind to you and  I am wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2015. As most of you know, I took a break from blogging right after I came back from our holiday because of my father being sick and me having to go home to visit before it's too late. Unfortunately, he passed away just after Christmas and it didn't feel right to blog or should I say the inspiration and blog post ideas were non-existent.

With grief comes a change and I need one big time. Between you and I, we both know that our hair gets it first when something tragic happens. So, I've said goodbye to my blonde ombre. Hooray! I feel like myself again. I no longer hate my hair if it's not curled or styled. I can, once again, just let is air dry and still look decent-ish and not like someone with ugly, unmaintained dark roots. Cringe! There are still some obvious colour difference but it is looking much (much) more toned down and I think with re-colouring in the next few weeks I should be back to my "original" hair colour, that is if I can remember it. I had fun with my blonde ombre and probably the last time I'll be having it. It was just too high-maintenance making it look how I wanted it and at the end of the day time is something I don't have a lot of. I'll stick to my browns for now.