17 November 2014

I blame the skincare switch to Fluer of Fluer De Force. I watched one of her get ready videos and her skincare for the day was Olay. Now, I don't know if that was sponsored or she loves Olay but it was enough for me to go ahead and switch.

The last skincare adventure came to a sad finish a few weeks back. Although the products were good, my skin needed more or maybe something new. 

I actually tried Olay before when I was in my Teens and I loved it until the trend became "skin whitening" and then I switched. That's the sad truth about Philippines, they promote products for whitening as "fairer" skin means more beautiful.

My mum used to use Olay too and her skin was amazing. As far as I can remember, she didn't have pronounced wrinkles. She really looked after her skin so well and she's always have praises for Olay. And Katie Holmes is on the Olay website - so there - Sold!

So let's talk about what I got and first impressions since we're here:

Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 Night Firming Moisturiser - the packaging on their site is different so I am not really sure if this is already not in production, I love this moisturiser and I like the idea of firming things up while you sleep (and wake up feeling so refreshed!) I can't see any improvements difference yet but maybe through time I will. I hope so at least. Katie Holmes said so. This cream is very light on the skin and not greasy. It has a calming sort of scent which is great for night time.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 BB Cream (with a touch of Maxfactor Foundation in Medium) - I like this product but I find it a little sticky even if I dust some finishing powder on it but it's not a deal breaker. It hsd light to medium coverage but I won't encourage you to pile it on because of how sticky it feels on the skin. I use this under my makeup and because it's tinted, I don't get that white cast effect that I used to get from my other moisturiser due to the SPF factor. 

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day Moisturiser - It's pretty much the BB cream sans the tint. I haven't opened this box yet.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Instant Smoothing Serum - I am itching to try this one but I am still working on my Estee Lauder pore minimiser serum at the mo so watch this space!

Jergens Daily Moisturiser - this is an old favourite from many, many moons ago (Circa 1990s). I just recently spotted this in Priceline and so I am just rekindling my love affair. This is yet again another brand influenced.

And that's it for the haul. Are you an Olay fan?


Now let's talk about upcoming posts. If you've been following my blog then you'd know about my upcoming honeymoon. I will try to post as regular as I can to keep while on holiday. Hopefully the internet connection will be kind enough. I do have posts lined up though so I won't be MIA for that long.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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